Wonder Woman – Movie Review

Hi guys If you haven't watched the Wonder Woman movie yet Gal Gadot is super amazing and you should definitely watch the movie

I think that this is the best movie from DC so far It's a very epic movie This movie is for everyone Welcome to the first ever Megi Box movie review So lets begin

Today, I will be reviewing Wonder Woman Let's do it I'm actually very excited but, of course, nervous as well Before anything, I just wanted to say that this movie is totally kick-ass I just watched it a few days ago and I haven't moved on from the feeling of gratification and satisfaction

I want to watch it again Its epic Very epic You wouldn't get bored for a second Now, let's get into details

The first half of my review would be non-spoilers *spoilers XD would be non-spoilers so it will be for everyone and this video is the first half while the second half will contain some spoilers which i will upload soon A quick background first Diana ak

a Wonder Woman is an Amazon princess The Amazons is an all-female tribe living in an island called "Themyscira" They were created by the Greek gods to protect man's world from any impending trouble But they somehow chose isolation over their sacred duty

Wonder Woman first appeared in DC comics in 1941 Her initial outfit was red corset-like armor, blue shorts, red boots, and a golden tiara She has been an icon for woman empowerment ever since I just want to mention how Wonder Woman reminds me of the Philippines' most iconic super heroine female character 'Darna' Darna appeared sometime in 1947 in the comics created by Mars Ravelo

She is wearing some kind of a red swimsuit two-piece armor with a red hair dress Just like Wonder Woman she has deflecting cuffs she is super strong, and she can fly One thing that is unique about Darna is that she's a normal person unless she swallows this uh small white stone So we're kinda getting off topic let's go back to Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is the 4th movie in the DC Extended Universe by Warner Brothers The first one in this shared universe was Man of Steel The one with the emo Superman Him The next movie is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice wherein they introduced Ben Affleck's Batman and Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman

Actually, that is Wonder Woman's first appearance in the big screen The movie should actually work because the big 3 of Justice League was there But unfortunately, there's so much going on with the movie The scenes were so confusing The fight scene between Batman and Superman only lasted 7 minutes

so I actually almost fell asleep while watching it So in short, it kinda sucked The 3rd movie was the most anticipated the villain group, Suicide Squad So, everyone is so excited to see Harley Quinn's first time in the big screen as well as the most famous uh clown in the world, Joker But actually not much because he was not given that enough screen time So it was more of a Deadshot kind of focused movie And it kinda sucked Boo Critics and fans are disappointed with these movies But im so happy that Wonder Woman a female superhero saved the day

Wonder Woman is a fantasy adventure movie and kind of a coming-of-age movie with a lot of action scenes and comedy And it's actually Wonder Woman's first solo movie Its great that they gave her a wonderful origin story and gave justice to the source material Wonder Woman was played by Gal Gadot Gal Gadot is an Iraqi actress/model and / martial artist

She has trained for 2 years as a mandatory requirement for Israel Being very beautiful and having those martial arts skills is perfect for Wonder Woman I have first seen Gal Gadot in the Fast and the Furious movie franchise The 4th installment to be exact and she was playing the character "Giselle" Giselle is a female character with an awesome aim

What stands out for me was her face and her physique She was very pleasing to look at and you can just enjoy watching her doing these actions Though there have been some issues with the casting comic book fans were not pleased with Gal Gadot playing the princess of the Amazons People say her boobs was too small and its not accurate with the Wonder Woman comics Now its true that Wonder Woman in the comics has bigger boobs but its just aesthetics

For me, its not the entirety of the Wonder Woman character What matters is her personality, the symbol she embodies, her views in life, and her unique background But seeing the majority of the comic book fans and the critics are loving this movie, I'd say where are the haters now? Personally, I think Gal Gadot is perfect for the role First, because of her physicality her fighting skills will make you believe that she can really beat the sh*t out of people and that intensity in her eyes which will make you feel that you're part of the action

You're part of the movie And also the mystery effect of her accent that will add to the character role I just recently learned that Gal Gadot has daughter or daughters That fact was another additional reason why Gal Gadot is perfect for the role because a mother is always a strong woman The movie was directed by a female director named Patty Jenkins

I haven't heard much about Patty Jenkins but I'm surely, will look forward to her next projects because of this amazing movie I don't know who you are I don't know where you at but you made a good movie and that's thumbs up

Chris Pine is Steve Trevor, Diana's love interest Now, why isn't this actor famous by his performance Maybe, he just suits the role very well But I think that every male guy who's working with Gal Gadot would seem great One things is for certain

Him and Gal Gadot has sparking chemistry Now for some mention-worthy performances Number 1, Antiope played by Robin Wright

The trainer of Diana, the master, the aunt, and the General of the Amazonian Army She's Claire Underwood from the House of Cards She has such a powerful presence in the movie with her class, with her might, with her elegance Despite on her little screen time she stole the show with her epic action scenes and totally deserve to be on top Next is Etta, the funny secretary of Steve Trevor, the comic relief character which presence is such a delight

It's just like you like to smile whenever you see her in the screen Third is Doctor Poison I know she is an underdeveloped character but of all the villans, she is the most interesting one She brings about a mysterious presence which could have been utilized more She could have been given a quick flash back or a back story so her actions would be justified

And her character would be stronger So yeah, those 3 deserves to be mentioned Also all the kids who played Diana when she was young They all deserve to be mentioned As for the other characters, I forgot their *names right away

I wasn't much invested maybe because of the character development So if you feel someone should be mentioned please let me know in the comments below Okay! So that's it Her next appearance would be in Justice League which will be released in November 2017 And I'm really excited about it because of Wonder Woman

I want to see Gal Gadot play as Wonder Woman again So now to my rating drum roll For my final rating, I would give this 87% of this heart

This is the end of my non-spoiler review I'd like to talk more about the movie with spoilers on my next video Please click the thumbs up if you like this video and subscribe to my channel for more future videos That's it Byeeee