WONDER WOMAN – Movie Review

Wonder Woman was released in June 2017 is directed by Patty Jenkins starring Gal Gadot This is the new film in the expanded universe of DC Fortunately here is finally a good film for DC Last year, the Oscar for best trailer was between 2 films If a statue was to be awarded to a trailer It would have been a draw between Logan and Wonder woman It was a trailer full of a spirit of adventure He was funny, tender also A bit like the movie actually Wonder Woman is held during the first world war This is an origin story classic enough to Wonder Woman This is a young rider on the island of Themyscira Moreover, there is All Amazons live there This is a very bold young woman but her mother, the queen, she refuses trains She meets Steve Trevor that ran aground on the island Pursued by German soldiers She decided to help To end the war The balance of the EUCD was not very good so far Man of Steel was fun but it was a happy mess Batman v Superman was a fucking mess messy And Suicide Squad was a draft brothel way video At last, the future Batman movie And the next Flash are producing a brothel And to be honest, trailers Justice League Have made me neither hot nor cold I remained optimistic for this film: the trailers were good Fortunately the film is also Already, Chris Pine and Gal Gadot play well together They have excellent chemistry The palette is colorful and well saturated It's very nice to see a change of tone Although the second act is a little more Gray and muddy, like Batman v Superman But the story is nice The script contains lots of little moments Who are skillfully move the characters and the story Let's talk about the scenario It is finally a scenario that takes its time Even if the film is long enough, there is no over-complicated scenes Where we understand nothing of what happens These slower times that dot the film Advance the plot as much as the characters And it is to the credit of Patty Jenkins Because she really understood what we wanted We movie fans in these movies Precisely a good story served by good characters Sometimes in movies derived from comic books, action takes over We find immense grandiose sequences that never end Packed with action scenes A bunch of replays And I must admit that Wonder Woman pleads guilty on that But it is not too annoying In the end there are only 3 big action sequences An act by But none are too long, they are well contained And this is super efficient The fights are well choreographed Essentially, there are not too many special effects Even if the last act is the cliché with Many GC and fighting less "realistic" But I guess that is the hallmark of the EUCD The photo and the decorations are very successful The first act is especially Vibrant and palette bursting with color It is literally marvelous, finally, look at that This is more or less the same It is true that the tone changes a little later But we keep this period film sensation Who grabs the viewer's attention And gives him the feeling of attending one of the great epic war films But do not wait as long to ultra-realism of "Saving Private Ryan" Not that it is necessary to dwell on that It's a non-story And I would not have to talk But unfortunately because of the stupidity of some men Who complain about the movie Or looking to minimize its financial success I must say: Yes it is a film with a heroine And is also directed by a woman Yes, in 2017 And this is the first time a superhero movie focuses on a heroine And is directed by a woman And it is also the first time in the History of cinema A woman making a film with more than $ 150 million budget I do not should talk, and yet I do So Hollywood, assures you that it becomes the norm So I do not have to redefine it in one of my videos In fact I have only small minor annoyances to this film Basically, the raaaaaleeeeentiiiiiis Some may find it annoying after a while Because even if it is fine or Some could have been transferred Especially since the film is already long enough Another point I have already mentioned The third act is a green background festival and CGI And it's a little change the tone of the film But somehow it fits the tone of the extended DC Universe And Man of Steel or BVS But overall the quality of the film catching the odd And the film is really good So, yeah! I liked And even if it will not revolutionize the superhero film industry It can revolutionize a EUCD And two, the female directors in the industry Because again, it is important to mention The film is led by two women carrying, and interpretation In summary, I will give it 7/9 stars It's a good movie, far from perfect But this is a film that carries the hopes From the Expanded Universe DC Finally a good movie DC I would even the best CD from The Dark Knight A success so! Is there any other DC movies or DCEU that your preference? Comment or click "like" to prove you are alive But above all, do not forget to subscribe For full circle, everything can start again Help ! I am sequestered on an island for 14 years If you see this message, send necessities Specifically guitars and a new hat