Wonder | Jacob Tremblay, Auggie Pullman | Movie Review

hey what's up guys how we doing let's talk about Wonder or better yet let's try to cry since my heartstrings have definitely been tugged since I just got back from seeing it so the film is directed by Stephen Chbosky who also did The Perks of Being a Wallflower and is based on the 2012 novel of the same name by RJ

Palacio it stars some fairly well-known actors such as Julia Roberts Owen Wilson Mandy Patinkin as well as the young Jacob Tremblay there are also several newcomers here that I thought did a great job and I will definately mention them later so we here we have a story about a boy who supposedly has something along the lines of Treacher Collins syndrome this causes him to have a certain facial deformity where he is very self-conscious and concerned along with the rest of his family about what he looks like and this film essentially is about him taking on going to school as a fifth grader throughout all of his life August Pullman known as Auggie has been homeschooled by his mom played by Julia Roberts and Jacob Tremblay's immense talent is definitely on display here again as he gives another fantastic performance and is pretty much unrecognizable in that fantastic makeup but I will say with this characters that he does a really good job at delivering some humor at times and that was something very refreshing and I was not expecting to see we get to see a lot of great pop culture references in terms of things that he really loves and has grown up with like Star Wars as well as Minecraft the film does a great job of throwing in these random moments where we get to see his imagination of things like thinking about a particular Star Wars character for example like Chewbacca I don't know where you'll literally see Chewbacca on the screen and wonder if you're living in some alternative Star Wars universe but know you're watching a normal reality type of movie now what really stood out about this film to me was its storytelling and the way we transition from seeing everything in Auggie's perspective to other members of the family and other people it really starts off with Auggie going through his first day of school and how he had to deal with getting to realize that there was a lot of people that didn't understand him and we're going to look at him a certain way even though he's kind of grown up knowing that and having to deal with a similar issue it's one thing to go from being homeschooled than going to class full students that are just looking at you funny what I really liked is how we got to see his older sister as well a lot named Via short for Olivia and she has to endure what it's like growing up with a younger brother who gets all this attention and she has kind of been forced into this role in the family as more of listener she is portrayed by Isabella Vidovic I hope I pronounced that right and she was also really good in this film I really enjoyed her character arc and how they decided to go about doing her story I couldn't find myself really having a easy time deciding what was more of the focus in this film was it really all about Auggie was it about his sister was it about everyone I think in the end that was the answer as we also get to see some of the other characters such as one of Auggie's friends named Jack Will who's going through a time where he begins to really understand and get to know Auggie but has these friends which are kind of giving him a bad influence and are more of the bully type so he's kind of right in the middle of trying to choose the right side for him in his life he was played by the young Noah Joop who did a great job as well then we have Via's childhood friend Miranda played by Danielle Rose Russell and what I'll say here is seeing these two outside characters that aren't in the family really brought a great perspective into the overall sense of how one character seems like they're kind of going down the wrong path and you're not sure about them but then you really get to hear their story and see what was causing this and how they're going to change in the future and that's really what this film tries to get across is that there's two sides to every story they even use that quote in the film itself it really shows how in the end every single person is capable of making a positive impact especially if they've done something wrong in the past they're capable of changing and making up for it down the line the film is just under two hours and it does a great job with this transitions it never feels boring I was thoroughly entertained while watching it the entire time it's very well paced and while I do think it's right at the perfect length they probably could have done a little bit more especially since it is based off a book I'm sure there are things book readers felt might have been left out but for the most part I didn't really have any issues with that that is of course because I haven't read the book so I'm very curious for those of you who have what your overall thoughts were of this film please let me know in the comments now for those of you looking to see a very family-oriented and dramatic film you're definitely going to get it here this film is very strong emotionally it's gonna hit you hard at times it does have moments where there's a lot of ups and you're really happy and there's gonna be moments where there's a lot of downs and it gets pretty sad we can't be happy all the time but we also aren't sad all the time there's always some kind of balance here and there overall this is a very powerful story that will always need to be told I think it also does a great job in highlighting the fact that people always have something deep down that they're fighting their own battle and it's really hard to judge anyone just from face value or from one little thing that they do because you never truly know what's going on inside their head this film's been out for at least a week or two but I think if you guys haven't already seen it that you definitely got to go and check it out as best you can and I would probably advise bringing tissues well I didn't actually tear up in the film there were definitely a few moments where I could've so you know it's good to be prepared Wonder looks at the world with a deep portrayal of personal growth and acceptance standing up to bullying at a time where it's needed more than ever and that's why this film is a diligent pick so what did you guys like about Wonder are you hoping to check it out soon or read the book let me know your thoughts and how you feel about maybe comparing the to what you prefer as well as what your favorite film about bullying or portraying people that are a little bit different like Jacob Tremblay's character in this film let me know your thoughts below my name is Dylan and if you love entertainment subscribe to my channel while this video ends and send me a thumbs up before you go thanks for watching and stay diligent