Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Movie Review

Is this Fifth Element 2? – let's find out so Valerian and the city of a thousand planets it's based on a comic book known as valerian and laureline is an adaptation of a comic series where a lot of people consider it the best comic book series out there I learned that from comic book girl 19 this movie when you look at this movie are you really gonna feel especially if you've seen it already the Fifth Element and you're gonna feel a lot of the images that come from that comic book if you've ever read or seen images of that comic book and I really liked the imagery in this movie and so it's a well produced movie the action in this movie is really amazing luc besson who did the Fifth Element and did Lucy and did the Professional he does all these really great movies he knows how to direct action and so the action is really great in this movie and it's they're just really good set pieces so you're definitely gonna like as far as the action goes The production of this movie – the animation is top-notch this is a 200 million dollar movie so I'm pretty sure that you would guess that the production of this movie would be outstanding all of the aliens look really cool they had a lot of special effects there was interdimensional play going on the next thing to talk about though is the story this movie's a bit of a mess when it comes to the story there are two things that are wrong with the story one is the casting the two actors in this movie are Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne and Cara Delevingne you may recognize her as Enchantress from Suicide Squad the way that the story puts them together I don't think works at all I don't think they have any chemistry together and unfortunately for the story chemistry is what supposed to work so this isn't one of those movies where you look at it and you say hey wait a minute this story is a bad story this is more of a movie where the story just isn't working with the pieces of the puzzle that have been put in the did the puzzles are the right size or the right shape but they're the wrong size they're just a little too big or a little too small they just don't work together at all and I just did not like that other parts were they were just parts that were just completely unnecessary the whole first part of this movie was completely unnecessary an amazing production an amazing filming I really liked it but it didn't serve the story at all and so because I wasn't believing in the way that they were acting towards each other and it was part of the B story line and I just didn't it just did not flow at all for me so that was the first part of it that I just really didn't like the second part of it was there was too much exposition dumping if you're not familiar with exposition dumping that's basically a scene where maybe they've been holding stuff back and they're making things a little bit of a mystery and then they just give you a scene and even though they might show you they're telling you a lot of the stuff and then you look at it and you're saying well why didn't they just tell us this or why didn't they just show us this while things were going on another part that I consider a problem was Rihanna I don't mean to pick on Rihanna I really like her music and I think if she's in a particular role she can act okay but her acting was hurtful I was having trouble watching the movie I was like oh my gosh when is she gonna go away and it just I didn't like it at all so it was really really bad I don't mean to harp on about it so I'm just gonna move on so those parts they just didn't really click the villain of this movie I mean I saw it coming really early on in the movie and it was because they kind of telegraphed it but then they tried to keep it a mystery which I didn't really like the way that that fit together either and so when I'm looking at this movie the action check the production it was good enough I give it a check the story I give the story of meh it just wasn't it wasn't up to par from what I'm used to seeing from this director so do I recommend you go see this in the movie theater I think a lot of people I think it's a movies are subjective things so if I look at this movie objectively I think a lot of people are gonna go and see this movie and they're gonna really like this movie but subjectively I didn't really like this movie so I can't really recommend to go see this movie I probably am just gonna give this movie still a fresh rating but a 62% so that's it for my valerian review please leave a comment to let me know what you thought about this movie and if I was totally wrong or if I was totally right give me your score please subscribe to my channel if you haven't subscribed this is Ruben Restrepo signing off so keep watching