Thor: Ragnarok (2017) Movie Review

Thor: Ragnarok – by the hammer of Thor this is the best! This is Thor’s fifth outing now and I felt the film utilised his powers brilliantly – the best we have seen Thor do his stuff Every Thor film, Thor seems to be different, because I enjoyed the film so much I am going to put this down to “character development”

But Chris Hemsworth seems more at home doing comedy – I much prefer funny Thor All the actors seems at home, you could clearly see the moments that were improvised because of how comfortable and switched on they were – it was beautiful to watch And of course you have Jeff Goldbum in there who is Lord of the Quirk – its like that role was always meant to be for him I certainly think they have took a leaf from Guardians of the Galaxy book All comic book movies don’t need to be dark, they don’t need to be silly, but boy they can be funny

New Zealand comedy is just the best – very similar to the Brits humour It is incredibly witty and they certainly take it to a whole new level – the Jackson Pollock joke in Guardians has nothing on some of the jokes you will hear in Thor I love it when a joke shocks you so much you choke on your popcorn Taika Waititi, as well as directing a marvellous Marvel film, plays Korg That big rock dude make me laugh so hard – I’m speaking the truth when he made me laugh from every line

Taika Waititi as a person makes me so happy, and as a director even happier For his first big picture it is just incredible! It moves at a quick pace and I loved that Waititi was not afraid to cut to another scene with no explanation – really refreshing to have a director know what needs to be in the film and what doesn’t I was incredibly grateful that the final act wasn’t about defeating a big hole in the sky too Waititi through comedy has managed to rectify so many continuity problems in the Marvel Universe in a 2 hour movie and have the guts to mock it too – such a joy to watch how smart the team of this film are The art design of the film incorporates Jack Kirby’s style from the older comics with all those bright beautiful colours – this film is visually pleasing to watch

It is what I imagine Flash Gordon to look like if it had been made in 2017 I spent the whole film hoping Brian Blessed was going to turn up as Odin’s brother I was incredibly impressed that they managed to keep some amazingly funny cameos quiet – don’t worry, I shall say no more The film really makes you care – I was rooting for every character on screen, especially Heimdall, but I am biased I was even rooting for Hela because of how bad ass she looked

Marvel’s trend of mediocre villains has been slightly broken by the fantastic and stunning Cate Blanchett – she was rocking that look Now it is no fault of her own I just detest how the villains become secondary to the overacring plot But if it wasn’t for this character, Blanchett’s wonderful delivery and the expert dialogue we wouldn’t have had the cracking subtle political message, or I should say messages All from this one character, Hela, she produces the most profound social studies class; it was absolutely fascinating to watch unfold We get a look into the history of misplaced people through the characters of Asgard, i

e Aborigines or the minority races of the second World War A power-hungry person, or we could say dictator looking to return a kingdom to its “former glory” Asgard’s riches are brought to question highlighting colonisation, ie

The Roman Empire was doing it first or cough cough, The British Empire And my favourite social study lesson of the film had to be the deleting of history as this is very current to today, such as the removing of slavery from history lessons or the denial of the holocaust And all this was in a Thor film subtly cemented into a comedy Thor Ragnorak will have you leaving the cinema feeling elated and alive Kudos to another Marvel film for a great use of soundtrack as I can guarantee you will be singing Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin for days after seeing this film too!

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