The DISASTER ARTIST – 45 Second Movie Review

The Worst Movie

Of All Time That’s not what the disaster artist is – that’s what it’s about The films tells the story of the making of a movie so bad – that it's actually kinda good And while a movie about a movie may seem like a bad move(ie), thankfully – The Disaster Artist is anything but The film skirts around the easy Comedy of errors route, focusing instead on telling the story of two friends trying to achieve their dreams – and although their incompetence and lack of ability is often the butt of the joke, the clear love the filmmakers have for their source material ensures that it never feels mean spirited

This, coupled with a oscar-worthy performance from James Franco, solid direction from… also James Franco, and some great writing, leaves The Disaster Artist shining as one of the freshest and most uplifting comedies that we’ve seen in a while You don't have to see the room, but you should Because it's a real Hollywood movie just do it