The Devil’s Candy (2015) – Movie Review

Hello Youtube! I am Torstein from Cinema Terror and today I will be reviewing the new horror film called The Devil's Candy This film caught my attention recently after getting some praise in the horror world by people that I trust the opinions of

Add to the fact that it is the follow up project of director Sean Byrne, who delivered the excellent film The Loved Ones a few years back, you could say that this film quickly became a priority for me to watch And the option of doing so was made available on March 17 as the film was released on online platforms thanks to IFC Midnight The Devil's Candy follows the Hellman family on their way to move into a new house that they got for a suspiciously low price As is the case in most horror films, getting a house for cheap means that it comes with a history and something evil within it This time it's not angry ghosts that lurks in the shadows out to get the new owners, but rather something else that will put them in great danger

There is a lot to find enjoyment in on The Devil's Candy Since it had a low budget, they had to focus on making us care for the family and the ones involved did a great job in doing just that I liked this family a lot and they made me overlook some of the more poorer parts of the film, which is something good characters are able to do and something horror films, or just films in general tend to forget

The father, Jesse played by Ethan Embry is basically a good old metalhead from the 80's, all grown up now, taking care of his wife and daughter by compromising his own artistic needs as a painter by doing commission work in order to make a living He has become the father that all of us 80's kids want to become by creating a new child of metal Yeah, his teenage daughter Zooey, played by Kiara Giasco, has herself become a fan of the same music that her father loves Now, who doesn't want life to go that way? If I ever have a child and that kid would grow up to become a good hearted kid that also took pleasure in the art of the horror movie, then I for sure would consider myself lucky as it is not given that you will share a common interest with your offspring Both of these characters and their bond is very touching

They could have worked together in just about any type of haunted house story and I would not have minded getting to know them even more, as the short running time of only 80 minutes only is able to have a certain amount of character development scenes They do not give the mother of the family, Astrid, that much screen time and I guess that was just a matter of prioritizing of spreading the time around for all the main characters If you want to go into this completely blind, then you might want to turn this off now as I will go into minor spoiler territory, more minor than the trailer, but still I don't want to give much away as this is an entirely new movie The horror element of The Devil's Candy will not be what you first expect it to be as midways in the movie it steers towards another threat if you will I was surprised at the change at first, but in the end I liked it as it did give way for some creepy scenes

It does feel like there was supposed to be five or ten more minutes added to the midpart of the film to make this transition a bit slower and I wouldn't have minded more minutes with the family at this point I sadly did not find the climax of the movie to be strong enough to give the great build up a deserving finale and that did bring the movie down a bit It's nice to see that director and screenwriter Sean Byrne has sharpened his skills since The Loved Ones While it can be argued back and forth which of The Loved Ones and The Devil's Candy are the best film, it is clear to me that his work as a filmmaker is more evolved on this one It's sad that it would take so many years between the two movies and I do hope that he gets a new project underway quicker now that The Devil's Candy has been released out to the world

His talents seems like something Blumhouse Productions should take advantage of, not by sticking him into an existing franchise, but rather by developing a new original story and give him a platform where he will be back on a movie set within a year or two I also need to give some praise to the sounds used on the film It fits the visuals and enhances the viewing experience greatly There is also some amazing artwork done for the film, created by the artist Stephen Kasner I can't remember ever googling for the name of a guy who did art used in a horror film, so I guess that says something about his talents

This is not a film for those who are out to get some fun loud scares, but rather a film for the more adult horror crowd that enjoys intelligent, slow building horror where the main characters are put in focus, not only due to lack of budget but also because the film as a whole would fail if they didn't succeed in making you care for them I had a great time with The Devil's Candy and only fell a bit short of loving it As a straight to DVD, or straight to Netflix film, whatever we call non-theatrical released these days, it will definitely be one of the better horror ones of the year and I will be surprised if this doesn't get a mention in many top 10 lists of horror films of the year at the end of 2017 It was not that easy to decide on a final score on The Devil's Candy I wasn't sure what score to give the film as I really wanted it go end on a better note, but it still had some characters that I felt attached to and cheered for more than I usually do in horror movies, or just movies in general

The final score I did end up on and feel The Devil's Candy deserves is a 4 out of 5 So if you haven't checked out The Devil's Candy yet, then you should absolutely give the film a chance It has gotten a lot of praise by better reviewers than me and it is currently available on plenty of streaming services, with a DVD and BluRay release coming up late in May If you have checked out The Devil's Candy already, then I'd be interested in hearing if you enjoyed it as much as I did And if you know of any other new horror that have gone a bit under the mainstream radar that deserves more praise, then I'd also love to hear about that

The comment section is right below the video for just that, so make yourself heared and I hope to see you again next time Thank you!