Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel Phase 3 Timeline Explained

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Hey Youtubers, it’s Charlie a lot of you havebeen asking me about where Spider-Man homecoming fits in the marvel time so this is going tobe a complete breakdown of all the marvel phase 3 movies and where they fit in the continuity.

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So the cool thing they did is they cut theSpider-Man teaser and the homecoming trailer and the international trailer in a way thatallowed you to contextualize it with the end of Civil War like this is when he gets thesuit.

This is when he’s in Civil War doing all thestuff this is him getting dropped back off in his neighborhood getting ready to starthis sophomore year of high school, so Spider-Man homecoming will make it really easy to judgethe marvel timeline usually you can kind of guess when the movie is taking place in themovies themselves move in real time.

So Ant-Man happens right after the eventsof age of old but the kind of changing that a little bit because there’s going to be threemovies a year really soon.

So it gets a little confusing and then youhave movies like Doctor strange they have to do origin story stuff, so they flashbacksthey jump around in time little bit.

So here’s an explanation for the timelinewhere.

Spider-Man homecoming fits into the eventsof all the phase 3 movies.

The only wildcards on this are Black Panther,and Captain Marvel because those are so far off those will probably do the same thingthe Doctor strange did where they flash back then they pick up in present-day, but thevery first Marvel phase 3 movie is Captain America Civil War.

The problem is is that it’s not the beginningof the phase 3 timeline because technically that’s Doctor strange.

So the end of Doctor strange in the end ofCaptain America Civil War sink up in the timeline at the beginning of Doctor strange when hestill just a doctor before he has his accident is after winter soldier and potentially afterage of Ultron because the avengers tower exists, but before Captain America Civil War, so alot of you are asking what was the deal with that winter soldier shoutout Kevin fight heclarified that the only reason that Hydra considered him a threat and had him on theirlist was because of his extreme aptitude as a doctor.

They didn’t know anything about him becominga future sorcerer supreme.

So he was a threat, just because he was supersmart and then you know, just because it’s hard to guess where it falls relative to ageof all even after they built the new Avengers facility the avengers tower still exists inNew York City they do so use it as a base of operations anymore, so when we see.

Spider-Man homecoming if he goes to Manhattanwill probably see the avengers tower and the skyline then you have the first part of CaptainAmerica Civil War were Tony goes to Queens recruit Spider-Man and then sends him to thishotel where he gets the new suit is a battalion where she wishes force in case KCC the caseof his suppose it is that he fights in the airport battle scene and Tony takes him backto his neighborhood says he can keep the suit and you have like the duration of this trailerhere all the events of the Spider-Man homecoming movie tickets to keep the suit course donefor me.

Just don’t do anything I would do and deaflydo to anything I wouldn’t little gray area in there and that’s where you operate.

But this does not mean you’re an avenger canceron the son of indiscriminate good luck after in that movie basically goes from the fallof this year to the spring of next year’s he’s a sophomore in high school, so the filmitself will take place over like a six month period or so but they do flash back in timeto when he’s wearing the old school hoodies suit before he gets that Stark tech suit.

So they will jump around in time just likethey did in Doctor strange, but then around the same time you have Thor meeting with Doctorstrange, to try and find Odin.

So that supposedly takes place within aboutsix months of the end of Doctor strange is wearing the gloves he’s been the caretakerof the New York sanctum for at least a couple months.

So will happen is is will you pick up at thebeginning of Thor Ragnarok that movie will take place like right after this moment happeninghere at the end of the Doctor strange movie which is also somewhere right around the beginningof Spider-Man homecoming.

So you have all these different movies thatall converge at different points within the end of Ragnarok and Black Panther both leadinto the first infinity war film you also have guardians of the galaxy doing the samething to go until we get a little more information we have to assume that Thor Ragnarok and guardiansof the galaxy and Black Panther are all occurring at the exact same time, those movies willend around the same time and then very shortly after that the events of infinity war pickup and even though there’s always a bunch of Post credits teasers that set up stufflike the big Avengers films with the probably do is apply use Thor Ragnarok to tease infinitywar the most is because there’s so much Santos infinity gem stuff going on and that in thething about guardians of the Galaxy to is that there’s no Sandoz and no infinity stonesJames Gunn already confirm.

So we arrived at the first big benchmark infinitywar part one what happens after that.

So that you these have like part one parttwo, so they just said that they’re going to name the second Avengers film somethingcompletely different.

Because they are two completely differentfilms, so the first big film after infinity war is gonna be ant Man in the WASP that’scan it be where the new WASP costume is supposed to debut Evangeline Lilly said that they optedto just hold off on it so that they wouldn’t be taking something away like a big reveala way from their own franchise like ant Man the wasp great characters is can be a lotof fun but just like Doctor strange was a slightly weirder smaller movie than Senecabig Avengers team up man in the WASP will have a lot of the same energy that you sawin the first film like a great sense of humor a really weird story that can be self-contained.

But also connected to the other films.

But here’s the thing though infinity war isgoing to fundamentally change the marvel universe all the characters, the relationships to saynothing of with the multi-verse looks like like they Enos tries to destroy it with thesnap of his fingers like he did in the comics and who knows what can happen even if they’reable to fix it things will just go back to normal so also picking up in the wake of infinitywar is the Captain Marvel movie.

So it sounds like what can happen is is thateven though Captain Marvel is being released after ant Man the wasp both of those movieswill be happening concurrently picking up right after infinity war because Captain Marvel’ssort of getting the Spider-Man treatment in infinity war where she has like a brief appearance,but it’s really huge she probably gets her powers via a soul gem and then they sort ofdeal with the ramifications of that in the Captain Marvel movie, just like they’re dealingwith.

Spider-Man and Spider-Man homecoming.

Even though we’ve already seen him in theStark tech suit, and Captain America Civil War so Captain Marvel gets her fully fledgedstory we learn all about her.

Then after that movie.

The next one is the second untitled avengersfilm no that’ll probably be is something like all new all different avengers were, theyjust shuffle the roster bring some people in bring some people out.

So that’s really sort of the end of phase3 they might tack on some extra films at the end of that depending on the performance ofsome of the phase 3 movies they’re all doing really well.

So far, they just tease that phase 4 is gonnalook radically different, so the timeline those movies is totally up in the air, butwhat you will see like the kind of teased.

This is is a lot more crossovers like ThorRagnarok is sort of a planet hold movie if like a buddy road trip movie you will seemore team ups style movies like that instead of seeing like Iron Man for you Mike to seeIron Man team up with another character like Doctor strange.

So just allows them to have some fun withthe characters in a way that they might not have been able to do with the standalone filmsand phase 1 phase 2.

Forget the flying monster the people who matterwhat the promise if you need us need me.

So let me know if you guys have any more questionsabout the Marvel phase 3 timeline when all these films are taking place when they beginwhere Spider-Man fits into all of this, but for the most part.

Up to now they’ve all moved in real time.

The exception to that is when they flashbackfor brief scenes like when the doing origin stories or when they’re doing something totallydifferent like guardians of the Galaxy like James Gunn has even gone as far to Joe thatthey’re in a different universe like the guardians are totally removed from everything that’sgoing on the main Marvel films.

I haven’t had to worry about continuity oranything like that.

So really the connective tissue at that pointis the post credits scenes like that’s what they used to sort of link everything up.

Don’t worry when you go see guardians of thegalaxy next spring they will pry be a Thor Post credit scene that will explain how theguardians are related to the marvel universe just because the both space-based franchisesand you get a little teaser for infinity war and then during the Earth-based avengers filmsyou get, Post credit teasers for everything that will eventually link up to infinity warso they tend to group the Earth-based avengers movies together when it comes to teasing othermovies they’ve thus far kept the space-based movies sort of self-contained themselves tolike the end of Thor the dark world teased the first guardians of the Galaxy movie.

So the pry just continue to do the same thing,so was can happen next is I’m in a post of Star Wars OB one video I’ll do a new videoabout arrow in the return of a really big character then they’ll be Star Wars Rogueone Easter eggs, so be sure and go see the movie if you haven’t seen it yet aborted postedmy non-spoil review, so be sure to link that at the end of this what you guys wait forthat to post you can click here for my non-spoil re-Rogue one review and you can click hereto rewatch the Spider-Man trailer’s thank you so much watching everybody let’s highfive I’ll see you guys tonight!.

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