Spider-Man Homecoming Early Review- No Spoilers

Hey Guys, this review is completely spoilers free, in a matter of fact, those of us who got to see the early screening don’t have the permission to make a Spoiler review as of yet So you don’t have to worry about getting spoilered with any plot details

Before, I go into the review If I had to say one thing about this movie, it would be that the best thing is the movie is consistent Very often with Superhero movies, the first act has 7 star qualities, but the last act turns out to be 3 star level or Vice Versa This difference of quality often leads us to leave the theatres with a sense of disappointment, but when it comes to this movie Don’t expect a 7 star First act or finishing, but what you can expect is a 5 star rating worthy quality, all throughout the movie

It will set up a certain level of expectations for you at the beginning and it will not fall from that standard The Climax was executed perfectly, and we have to thank the vulture character played by Michael Keaton for that, can’t discuss this without spoilers, but yeah you can have your hopes high Now, let’s get to the review Spider man: Homecoming is at the helm of social media just two weeks before its release and undoubtedly fans are going nuts, grabbing the glimpse of every poster, trailer, videos and articles that are coming near their hands The cast and crew as well as Marvel must be happy that the critics are by their side and showering them with all the good comments and praises

Many are adjudging Spider man: Homecoming as one of the best movies of this franchise and why not? This movie has a lot of potential in terms of entertainment; creativity and expected to do great at the box office The earlier trailers of this movie give a flawless view promising the audiences that it won’t let their expectations down The high school teenagers would be the one to get fascinated with Tom Holland’s Spiderman and they can relate with this character with more insight as this Peter Parker is a 16 year old boy, who loves and admires the God like superheroes and wants to be one of them, clearly depicting the hidden desires of any die hard teen fan of Marvel or DC superheroes Perhaps the elders would love it as this would be a golden opportunity for them to ride through the Spiderman Homecoming timeline and get back in their early days of high school having a nostalgic experience The Spider man: 1 had a same high school setup featuring Toby as the high school student but that one doesn’t give you the opportunity to explore your high school days in more depth or fails to engage you with the theme whatsoever

Tom Holland as Peter Parker is much more convincing than Tobey as he is a child actor and spends much of his time in school which means that the audiences will get more glimpse of the school environment students roaming around the corridors, chilling out with indoor games, gossiping, busy in labs or classes making you feel that you are on a walk in flesh and body in a real high school Teenagers with their energy, swag and refreshing approaches are something that you will never want to miss on the screens Most of the fan theories about Zendaya turned out to be wrong, but you will be surprised a little bit with what they do with her, she is a very likeable character, I give you that There was some controversies about Tony Revolori playing the Flash, as he doesn’t look all that athletic like he was previously depicted, but he did an amazing job with the role Even though Initially I was among the people who thought it might not work, the movie has managed to change my opinion

Recently, Spiderman Homecoming has got a new poster released on IMAX, it just gives you the feel of laying your hand on the cover page of a high school year book connecting you deeply with the movie Many elders have disliked the poster saying that it totally unfits with the theme of a super hero but the kids have loved it A 15 year old fan Nathan has commented on IMAX “ OMG, this poster is so creative and amazing I’m 100% seeing Spider man Homecoming in IMAX 3D on my 15th birthday” Let’s not forget Peter’s Aunt Mary played by Marisa who is probably the first young aunt in MCU However, this time Aunt Mary is more engaged in the story doing something significant than being a typical caring aunt, and believe me the internet will have a lot of memes to make

Iron man’s involvement in this movie on its own is a great advantage Robert Downey Jr needs no introduction as he has achieved the legendary status along with Iron man’s character The sizzling appearance of Iron man in Homecoming has many important aspects as this legendary character will certainly provide a big thrust for the movie to run well at the box office Recall the previous posters of Homecoming where Iron man has been promoted significantly besides Spider man as if we will be seeing him through the entire movie There’s a huge demand for another Ironman movie, and now you can see how MCU is utilizing that by holding it back

The Iron man and Spider man combination as a teacher and student is refreshing, sounds interesting and increases our appetite for the movie Iron man in Homecoming will be Peter Parker’s mentor which means that if he ever wants to join the Avengers he will be given a warm hearty welcome MCU is actually making a way to bind Spider-man and fix his position in the Avengers team It is as prominent as MCU is planning an untitled Avengers movie and Avenger: Infinity War both featuring Tom Holland as Spider-man Now there can be a question why Iron man is selected as the mentor amongst all the superheroes? This is simply because no one could be better than a scientific intellect and genius engineer, as a mentor to train a Super Human, whose mind is also Super

Now fans do not assume that you will be watching Iron Man in every Spider man movie Tom Holland has confirmed that MCU is planning a trilogy for Spider man solo movies as he stated” There is a lot of room for Peter Parker and Spider-man especially to grow in the next two movies I really look forward to exploring the different ways he can grow up and go through puberty I guess It’s going to be an exciting couple of movies …yeah there will be Spider-Man 2, 3 and it won’t be Homecoming 2, 3” Marvel has also planned to keep the same High School theme for Peter Parker in at least one more movie

” Now let’s talk about some smashing actions in the Homecoming Some stunts performed by Tom Holland has gone viral on the internet, they are just awesome In Homecoming, Spider man will continue his signature swings from top of one building to another but this time the action sequence has been heightened in ally with thrilling background scores , gluing your eyes on the screens So this would be a treat for the action loving fans As I have mentioned earlier that critics have expressed positive reviews about Homecoming

This is what one of them, Gemain has to say “Spider man Homecoming is a blast It has an innocence that differentiate it from other MCU movies but plenty of fun and speculate” When critics are enjoying and being influenced by a movie, praising it whole heartedly that rarely happens simply mean that it is worth watching Spider man: Homecoming will release on 7th July so fans don’t miss to watch it on the theatres For All Marvel, DC and Dragon Ball Updates make sure to subscribe to our channel, and hit the bell button so you can get a notification, whenever we upload a video

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