Sorority Girls and the Creature From Hell (1990) – Movie Review

Hello b-movie lovers, I am Torstein from Cinema Terror and this is my review of the obscure horror flick Sorority Girls and the Creature from Hell! Sorority Girls and the Creature from Hell sees a group of, well, sorority girls head up to a cabin for a weekend filled with alcohol and sex with whatever males that turn up And there are plenty of people who show up! Frat guys and other random locals turn up for some reason and at the same time and close by the cabin, an archaeologist unleashes an ancient evil indian spirit that takes the form of a stone tiki wall I think? It then proceeds to turns the archaeologist into a creature

from hell? With the mission to bring fresh bodies to his new master That's the best I could make out of the story as this is not an easy film to follow The first half of it crams random scenes with the way too many characters this movie has to offer and tries to give them all reasons for ending up in the cabin with all the sorority babes

As you can probably tell either by me trying to explain the plot or just the title of this obscurity, Sorority Girls and the Creature from Hell is an amateur production The production values on this thing is very low and the lack of experience certainly shows in the shoddy way that this film is edited together It is strangely disjointed with how it goes from one scene to another There is so many random scenes that can only have been added to get a longer running time, even if the more logical way to do this would be to extend scenes that actually has something to do with the story or characters The film has awful audio dubbing that is unlike anything I have seen from an American film before and the pacing and story structure, and I use the word structure lightly is also way off

The special effects are not that special and the kill scenes and hell creature are more laughable than scary None of the characters matter at all and even though I started writing this only half an hour after finishing the movie, I can only remember the name of one of them, Skippy And that's only because he was the most annoying one and hey, his name is Skippy! And while you would have thought that the actual sorority babes would get the most screen time, they actually don't, making them all end up being interchangable with no character traits on their own Hell, there is even a serial killer on the loose in the film that just shows up in the woods at random times, has little to none involvement in anything, and actually gets away at the end Oh, and how does he get away to begin with? He is able to get away when a prison guard gets distracted by one of the hot young sorority babes is cycling past them

The sorority girl with the most screen time, even if she is one of the first that are killed, spends more time with the top off than on It literally goes from a scene with her topless in a hot tub to a new scene directly after with her being topless in a hot tub once again Not gonna say that those two scenes are close to being the worst ones in the movie though Even if all the technical aspect of filmmaking might suck, this is an obvious love project by an amateur filmmaker who probably was a big fan of horror and b-movies The love does show on the film and that does give it a certain charm that are not easy to achieve

The guy responsible for this mess is John McBrearty He is credited as the writer, producer, story, screenplay and of course as the director Oh, and he even has a small part in the film There's not much info the be found online regarding the guy or this movie, except that he was thirty years old when he did the film and except for another small credit as an actor, he doesn't seem to have been involved in any other films at all, not that that's a shocker So I am gonna guess that this movie was his love project that he probably paid for himself or by raising enough money locally, money that he unlikely was able to make back as from what I could find out this movie only had a small VHS release from Complete Entertainment in 1991

And if you happen to have this VHS tape then take good care of it as I could find two completed auctions of it on ebay, both going for over 100 dollars each Sorority Girls and the Creature from Hell might be an awfully bad movie, but it is not without its charm This is a movie for b-movie fans only as everyone else will hate sitting through this schlock I am a b-movie fan though and that has to reflect in my review and final score I would be lying if I didn't find this entertaining in a so-bad-its-good kind of way and I fell for its odd cheesy charm

Sorority Girls and the Creature from Hell gets a higher than what it probably deserves score of 25 out of 5 Are there actually any other people out there that might have seen this one? Feel more than welcome to speak your mind on this film and if you know anything about the production than share the history of it if you will If you enjoy reviews of obscure films like this then check out the rest of my channel as it has plenty of other low budget reviews sitting there awaiting new viewers Hope to see you again on my next video and of course, thank you for watching