Pixar Coco Movie Review – I CRIED :'(

Freaking Pixar movies man they suck (Music) Remember Me

Don't let it make you cry I have a love hate relationship with Pixar animated movies because they tend to be good which is great but the same movies that make you laugh will almost inevitably make you cry They have a way of hijacking your emotions but with Coco they take it to the next level

Coco is centered around Dia de los Muertos which is the Day of the Dead It's a Mexican holiday for remembrance of lost loved ones the movie follows Miguel Rivera a boy born into a shuumeikan family and he wants to be a musician He doesn't want to be any musician, he wants to be like the late great Ernesto De La Cruz the best guitarist since desperado the only problem is music has been forbidden from his family for generations After fighting with his family and his abuelita destroys his guitar he still the dead de la Cruz's guitar and Miguel slips into this wondrous netherworld where he must depend on his long dead ancestors to restore him to the land of the living Hands down this is one of Pixar's most beautiful films as the city of the dead's animation is so detailed and vibrant and exuberant it really brings this city to life and it feels like the city of the Dead is more alive than the actual real world

In Coco the spirit animals in their word dope they're these multicolored beasts are kind of hard for you to take your eye off of and the movie cleverly poked fun at what it's like the cross border patrol as the spirits must go through that process going into the world of the living and coming back to the spirit world The voice acting was top-notch from their almost entire Latino cast Newcomer Anthony Gonzales did great at manipulating his voice to show emotions like happiness and sadness for example when he's happy his voice gets a little higher and you can he's talking fast and when he gets sad he's talking slow when it's lower and the kid can sing this movie is far from a musical but it does have a couple musical performances that tie in perfectly with the story REMEMBER MENow the story is where Pixar really gets a chance to shine they have mastered the art of storytelling while getting you vested and not just a character and Miguel but his family all while giving the audience a taste of Mexican culture the pacing was nice it wasn't too fast it wasn't too slow and the movie is also kind of funny it's not the funniest movie but it definitely has some organic laughs More importantly this is the most human film Pixar has ever created it touched me emotionally yes I cried Me watching Coco I cried tears of joy I cried tears of sadness yes thugs cried too I know you're surprised just as much as I am All crying inside though this movie is Disney's honest attempt to honor a significant cultural tradition like Dale de los Muertos the Day of the Dead which it does tastefully and delicately the movie does not exploit Mexican culture but it kind of educates its audience on Mexican culture and even has some famous Latinos in the movie like or Latinas like Frida Kahlo amongst many others Now for the bad part Coco is a good movie but Pixar is becoming a little formulaic and using this comic Pixar movie trope and this one in particular if you play close attention you may be able to identify exactly what's going on before it's revealed

I knew they were going to try to get me to cry I knew it and that is good because that it's great when the movie can connect with someone to provoke that emotional response but man I had on the waterworks in this movie and I was crying for a decent amount of time where it kind of like took me out of the movie to the point where I'm like I'm trying to you know gain my composure and I'm sure I missed a couple you know key details in the next scene which isn't too bad but most importantly the biggest problem with this movie Coco is it kind of glosses over something that's unforgivable and once done cannot be taken back and maybe they did that because I didn't want to go down that route to kind of make it lighter but they kind of just booed it away and I'm like whoa that's pretty heavy to just discard in the end though Coco is a must-see for people of all ages races and ethnic backgrounds I mean some people should really watch this movie considering the current political climate that's going on right now I mean this movie will make parents cry a bit more than kids because the concept of putting a family first and the loss of loved ones may be just a little too much for little kids to grass however if you have some teenagers they should definitely see this because it is inspirational as it teaches kids to pursue their dreams while respect their parents and parents it does touch on death so if you didn't have that death talk with the kids they may have some questions and if you did have that deaf talk with the kids after the movie they're likely to start asking about lost loved ones which is good because we should pay tribute to our ancestors thanks for watching sorry for the late review but my family wanted to see Roman J Israel s car which wasn't all like good instead of cocoa and for that I am so grateful because I was bawling in the theater a good three times then maybe a little bit on the car ride on the way home thank goodness I had the theater to myself if you are still here make sure you drop a like and subscribe because you are the real MVP!