Parities of Caribbean Full Movie Review | Johnny Depp| قراءة فيلم القراصنة

Hello everyone , this is Hamad Saif Al Reyami with you now at Roxy Cinemas in Dubai I will review today " Pirates of the Caribbean" part 5 this movie is well known since 2003 and 2004 its inspired by the Walt Disney's theme park ride it's became so famous and Hollywood made sires of it which made big profits as well in the box office this is a new episode of Pirates of the Caribbean which named as "Dead Men Tell No Tales" the story is about Captain Salazar who want's to have his Revenge although he is dead man ! he wants to kill Jack Sparrow, the famous character which played by /Johnny Depp who is known as drunk parties and his humor sense Captain Salazar free The ghost crew to help him in searching of Jack so you will see so many happenings like adventures and the chess between ghosts and jack team it's fantasy and comedy film there's so many of special effects would be liked by you mostly by youngsters even old people why ? because there's a big star Johnny Depp who became so famous by Jack Sparrow character we saw many like to wear the costume of Jack Sparrow and try to act like him technically , this film have great visual effects they event so many new things in the scenes for example the divided sea scene or the ugly and dead people faces specially Javier Bardem as dead Captain Armando Salazar as script , it's known that this film is fantasy and the story is all about how to build sequences where they can put as much as fantasy scenes and they want to put more effort in the comedy , but I felt that area was missing much I didn't feel the funny side of Jack Sparrow in this film he is the same character OK , but the director didn't' give him more space to do his comedy ! if they gave him that much space this would be at least a really comdey ride for us but we ride ore on they graphics and special effects as for acting Johnny Depp is known by doing many characters in films like comedy , drama work in so many fantasy films and horror as well in this film he did Jack Sparrow as well , he is good in this role as usual but as I said they missed his comic part which should be more in my opinion as for the Spanish actor Javier Bardem as Captain Armando Salazar he is very good in his body language acting specially his eyes movements if you remember his best role in the film " No Country of old men ' which won Oscar as best film most people and critics was clapping for his role also he did great in one of the James bond films "Sky fall' in this film he is really good , and looks so evil I loved his Dialogue delivery when he say something in Spanish Geoffrey Rush as Captain Hector , I like this actor so much in Comedy or dramatic roles but in comedy there's no doubt he is brilliant his style of acting can't be compute , when he gave more space he do his best on the screen in this film he did great job and in my opinion he is the best in this film Joachim Rønning the director he should do his best to this film as it's one of the most famous series in Hollywood but it's my wish to stop this form here ! Pirates of the Caribbean film it should be the last episode as I feel we saw many thing and We are satisfied by all and know everything about it and I don't think that there's any new things can be happen in the future Jack Sparrow this character loved by many so it's time to keep it as one great memory for Hollywood we want to see some new challenging charterers from Johnny Depp in the future yes he tried to put his more effort in it but as I said we are satisfied there isn't' any thing new here what I can mention here as new thing is the special effects so my rate to this film is 3 stars out of 5 at the end I want you in the comments to tell me the best part of Pirates of the Caribbean film series?