Movie Review – Alien: Covenant

Alright, so when I heard this movie was coming out, I went ahead and I did my research By that, I mean I finally watched the Alien movies

Correction: I did not watch all of them I watched the ones that are considered good The first Alien movie: good, although dated Really effective, though Aliens: also good and also not as dated, but I clearly saw the James Cameron-isms that would later be used in Avatar

and Sigourney Weaver was awesome and yeah, I did not watch Alien3 or Alien: Resurrection because I just heard they suck I watched a quick recap video, you know, going over all these Alien movies so I know what happens in them and yeah, those are just weird, dumb concepts So I'm probably not ever going to watch those in my life No No, I went right into Prometheus and Prometheus was really cool, I thought

In fact, I watched Prometheus more than once I've been watching it a lot for like the past couple of weeks And the more I watch it, the more I like it It was just a really cool movie conceptually I love Noomi Rapace in this film, I love Michael Fassbender in this film, just

the movie was so goddamn interesting! So with the trailers for Alien: Covenant, I thought it could go one of two ways: it could either be like more of the Prometheus sequel, more of the exploration of it, or it could just be, you know, the straight-up Alien remake I thought it was gonna be The one thought that never occurred to me: what if it's both? So Alien: Covenant, in case you haven't figured it out after that intro, is the next movie in the Alien movie franchise and it's the third one directed by Ridley Scott, after Alien and Prometheus and it takes place some time after Prometheus, we have a crew of people going over to a moon called Origae-6 or a planet, or whatever it is

They get a distress call from another planet, so they're like "okay, let's just go there instead" and from there, shit hits the fan So what did I think of Alien Covenant? This movie was awesome! This movie was everything I wanted it to be and then some! First off, the characters Most of the crew in this film, they're really – you know, its more of an ensemble piece, I wouldn't really say there's a main character that's part of the crew The one that gets the most focus is Katherine Waterston as Daniels

And she was fine, you know? I mean, she didn't blow my mind or anything She has yet to blow my mind I thought she was okay in Fantastic Beasts and I thought she was okay in this movie She sold the emotion really well Like I completely bought her character, but her character in and of herself

you know Not the main point of the movie She is, you know, the female lead in this film, but I do like Noomi Rapace's character from Prometheus I like Elizabeth Shaw a lot more than Daniels in Alien: Covenant

Shaw got shit done! Danielsshe was just kinda there Daniels had some good backstory, but in the end, again, it's not really important to the movie

Or the franchise The only two other significant characters in this film are both played by Michael Fassbender Oh, come on Be honest with yourself, you knew David was gonna be in this movie And this movie just goes to show that Michael Fassbender is an awesome actor! And yeah, he plays two different characters in this film

They're both androids The one that's part of the Covenant crew, his name is Walter, he has an American accent And it took my ears a little bit to adjust, I'm like "that's Fassbender with an American accent It's kinda throwing me off a little bit, it's a little weird" But I did get used to it, and it was fine

And these android characters, man, they make this movie, as they did with Prometheus You know, David was the most fascinating character on Prometheus And I gotta say, he and Walter are the most fascinating characters in this movie Compared to the rest of the crew, they are actually full, fleshed-out characters and their story arcs in this film I thought were masterfully done Excellent writing! which leads me to my next point, which is: the Prometheus tie-ins that this films has, I thought were absolutely brilliant! Hands-down, like this is a continuation of Prometheus

We get to see what happened after the end of Prometheus Spoiler alert for Prometheus: you saw that Elizabeth Shaw and David left in the ship "We gotta go over to this planet, we gotta find out what these makers are all about" We got to see what went down, and it just blew my mind! I didn't see it coming It was awesome And that's just part of the movie

There are two different movies in this movie Part of it is the Prometheus sequel, and then there's the Alien stuff Oh yeah, there's some nasty shit in here! Really violent and bloody, gory scenes Like this is the gore that I wish Logan had, personally Like you saw in the trailer, that one dude was siting on the table and was just going nuts, and his spine was protruding That scene stands out in my mind

It was really well done And the aliens in this movie are nasty and vicious and evil But the best part of it is that this movie was a great blend of the Prometheus sequel and the Alien movie This movie blended them both in the best way a movie can do And I can't really explain it

Like when you see the movie, you'll know what I'm talking about And one thing I really wanna touch on is the music I thought the music in Prometheus, first of all, was awesome You know the very first scene in Prometheus where it's going over the cliffs and the mountains of that alien planet or whatever that music you hear, you know the main Prometheus "theme" I wasn't expecting to hear it in Alien: Covenant, but it was featured in a couple of scenes And not only that

They do something with that melody that I'm not gonna spoil for you, but I just thought it was genius I'll be honest: I was almost on the verge of tears It was that good People, I will get right to the chase Alien: Covenant was everything I wanted it to be and more

It expanded on the Prometheus lore, it had great Alien scenes, the special effects were top notch – it's a Ridley Scott film, so of course Honestly, if I'm gonna watch Prometheus again, like when this film comes out on Blu-Ray or whatever, I'm gonna watch Prometheus and Alien: Covenant It's gonna be a double feature from now on In short, my friends, for Alien: Covenant, I will certainly say or you know, when it comes out in a week Thursday night, go see it Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go play some Alien: Isolation 'cuz I just got it off a Steam summer sale for 13 bucks So what is your favorite Alien movie? Alien, Aliens or Prometheus, since those are really the only good ones

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