LIPSTICK UNDER MY BURKHA | MOVIE REVIEW in HINDI | Konkona Sensharma, Ratna Pathak

Ekta Kapoor won unity of the cinema said the success of 'lipstick under my burqa, "he said," did I personally believe that the movie How can all tell you But good movies audiences are your reach you

" New Delhi: The Movie 'lipstick under my burqa presenter Ekta Kapoor's' produced by Prakash Jha says that the success of the film is a triumph of cinema This is what the success of that film Asked sensor board and a victory against society? Unity has encountered some said Wednesday, "I do films years ago, before I was on TV I personally believe that the film was how that can all tell you But good movies audiences are your reach you I think it is a big victory of cinema

" The film grossed Rs 122 crore on its opening day The film is about the conflict, he said, "There were two struggling together Also read: What happened that was dancing to zoom Anushka Sharma and cameraman SRK made ? A sensor release of the board and the second film People in the industry are saying that the film will not earn more than Rs 20 million on the first day of its release and will not sustain in theaters, the film more time " He said, 'Alnkrita Srivastava (Director) has been very present a sensitive topic such entertaining manner, also enjoyed with the understanding of the people " Film 'lipstick under my burqa Ahana Kumra in a scene and Vikram Massey

Also read: went into 'Water Girl' between Greece Kapil Sharma actress Elli Avram film was released on July 21 The release of the film has been much controversy in India Far ahead of the censors in India was not able to get it, but this film has been selected for the most prestigious awards in the world Filmmaker Prakash Jha's 'lipstick under my burqa' has been chosen by Hollywood Forin Press Association and now the movie can be sent to the Golden Globes Awards Please tell the Golden Globes, is held by the US respected TV and film awards that Association Hollywood Forin press