LEGO Ninjago Movie Quake Mech Review! 70632

hey everyone this is the official lego ninjago movie coal's quake mech set with a big version I say the big version because I have previously reviewed the polybag version that they actually released first as I guess almost like a teaser for the real deal no comparison in size this one was like just a little bit a little bit taller than a minifig but compared to the big one that is quite a significant difference this is still not as large as it was built in the movie it's definitely scaled down quite significantly from that but for a Lego toy it's pretty sizable relative to a minifig in just to give you a little bit more context behind that in terms of size kind of makes garmadon's neck look like an underdog just in comparison in terms of overall mass carbon Don's mech is a little bit taller but definitely doesn't have the breadth but here's the real surprise for me is that Kai's mech which is again not as large as it is in the movie but still quite towering for a Lego toy is not that much taller and the overall kind of visual mass between cosmic and the coals here is pretty comparable I'd say I think the next most important thing to talk about after a size is how this big ol mech is able to stand on a single tire obviously in universe they could use magic it didn't actually physically exist they could say it's all gyro controlled so it's able to use computers to very carefully monitor its acceleration on all axes and get itself balanced at all times but here they just use a cheater bar a kickstand to hold the thing up and you know what it's not as annoying to me as I kind of feared it it would be it doesn't really doesn't really stand out when just looking at the whole thing from most angles only if you look at it directly from the back does it become kind of a super obvious really noticeable thing but here it's just a little you know it's a little helper around the back and from most angles you don't see it a lot so I like that however kind of hiding it away a little bit as they did does come at a price this does have a lot of width and it has a lot of mass and so it kind of tips over easily it has a little bit of range it's not gonna fall on its own it's not balancing there but if you're just playing with enemy very quickly if you're trying to get it on the on the wheel very quickly you'll find yourself like whoa whoa whoa you need to have good control over this thing the build fortunately is fairly sturdy you can grab it from here you can grab it from up under here I think this is the most convenient place to hold it from but you know once you put it down you want to make sure that it's fully landed before you let go especially if you start getting into moving them moving the arms around getting them separated out pretty far relatively you know I can start to get a little bit more unwieldy it is nice that it has some some Armit articulation like that you can rotate these forearms around they're also able to flex almost to 90 degrees and they can extend out fully and you get fingers here three main fingers and thumb on each one including two phalanges per fingers so you're actually able to get some more fine digital manipulation able to you know bend fingers around a lot more than you are able to with most Lego mechs most only have just one single piece that can be moved in and out per finger so that makes it kind of feel and look a little bit more human in a way even if you're not able to fully close up a fist this is as closed up as it'll get unfortunately so that's you know just a little bit of a bad thing if you will but it does have these studs in here so you can attach things to those studs if you want to for instance have a minifigure here that gets stuck in place you know that actually gets grabbed by this thing you can just push it on kind of acts as a cheater but it works I think it works just fine that looks like that dude is being held by that fist right now long as you don't look at it from an angle like this but think I could actually do a little bit better there move this over to this side you can close up the thumb a little bit more yeah a little bit of a trade-off the arm up I think that's a little bit a little bit better looks a little bit more grabbed that way there's also the ability to rotate the entire shoulder which takes the whole arm with it and this is a nice mechanism it's it's kind of simple it's kind of cheated as well all this is on a hinge you can actually bring that up a couple of clicks if you want to bring it down this is actually keeping it from falling down on its own this little bar right here so that's kind of a a cheating point there just to keep it from always wanting to fall to the ground completely but they have this nice large gear kind of turntable piece back here and it just has two of these smaller gears that are on axle pins the blue ones have friction so that brings in the the ability for this thing to hold its pose the other one is on the other side you can see that right there so this is just rotating around kind of working the opposite of the way turntable normally would in a way this is kind of rotated that works on both sides so articulation wise I think this is pretty decent obviously there's not anything you can do with the leg if you will there's no motion there other than just spinning up this big ol tire which I believe is the tallest or largest diameter tire that Lego presently makes you're also able to open up the cockpit section all of this opens together and inside of there you can fit coal pretty comfortably and he gets to grab on to a couple of couple of pieces of vinyl in there and those are actually on small turntables themselves so you can spin them up and call me the baddest DJ on two turntables this is an exclusive vinyl print if you will her record decoration that's placed on top of there so if anybody is a collector of Lego records you definitely want to get at least one of these from this set these groups of speakers can be articulated forward and back and you can also kind of move these smaller ones up and down just just a little bit I recommend leaving these up or maybe having them angle just a little bit forward because if you bring this all the way forward then you start to see more of the mechanism back here which I think with the blue and yellow Technic pieces just starts to look a little bit busy this is actually a nice little build with some interesting pieces including the use of some of these pretty new 1 by 3 tiles with two studs so the studs are mirrored just underneath there it's a relatively recent piece that came out in the most recent season and if you have a little bit more that you can do over here on each of the shoulders all of this is presently closed that can open up to reveal the full speakers and those are flick fire missiles each of those can be shot out from the back so not really flicking it properly here but still works still works so you have four of those these up here are static they're not able to be shot out with the ones on the top of the ones on on the base are and you can see the back of that here or the flick fire missile pieces you know that the tails of them stick out these banners are done pretty nicely they just rely on stickers of course for their their decoration but I think they look good I think the number of stickers in this set is very appropriate I have just some here on the front on kind of the the fender they're got one over here not really too much and I think that the the entire thing does not suffer at all in terms of its looks and level of detail unless you leave these off up here leave those off and it does look kind of plain but it's entirely up to you the whole thing doesn't look great to me from the back I think they could have done a little bit better here with the the colors used but I think that the designer or designers were coming coming up against the the issue of budget of parts budget because to cover up some of this stuff to make it look less busy would require including more pieces I think maybe these could have been black right here but like this stuff I don't know if they could have done that much I think it doesn't look too bad but definitely could have been better for display purposes from the rear it's funny this is Cole's set and yet I think his figure is not one of the more interesting ones that's included with this set it's a good figure it has the print on both arms or on the wrists I think that his color scheme for the lego ninjago movie is very good it's just a well executed figure in general maybe a little bit lacking in opacity of the print on the the hip piece there you go from kind of a brighter goal to slightly darker gold I don't know what's going on with that hopefully that's just a production error that will be fixed on the right is Fred Finley legendary reporter who has just a perfect torso piece I love that yes the clip-on lapel mic there that's showing a very useful torso that can be used outside of you know the context of the lego ninjago movie he has a unprinted unpainted microphone piece so just plain black there also a useful piece for doing some custom stuff and there's a little bit of print on the back and of course Cole has his appropriate print on the back as well Cole has two faces on his head Fred does not there's a look at the other face that way you were only seeing a little bit of before exclusive to this set is misako as lady iron dragon a figure that should be absolutely awesome all over and it almost is but for the face now hopefully this is another case of just a production error and the one that I bought that hopefully will be fixed in others but that face is not printed well at all it almost looks like a knockoff there's just not enough paint that's applied so you see all the black coming through and take the head piece off look at that the design I think is fine but just the execution this really bad really really really bad that's such a disappointment I was really looking forward to getting this figure does not have an alternate face either so you can't just swap it around hopefully not too many people will get ones that look like this hopefully that will get fixed her torso is pretty awesome she has her unique piece for the shoulder armor and also the quiver on the back that's all done in gunmetal gray bow is just the standard one done in black she has an exclusive cloth piece kind of skirt piece and there's additional printing on the back fits with everything not as as good not as cool I think is the French it's not as much detail the hairpiece is really good oops hey the hairpiece is really good and the distinction between the gunmetal gray there and the orange is very very very high very contrast because it is dual moulded they didn't bother with you know an actual paint application on top of that so dual molding works out great and hopefully that will never go wrong the way the face did on the bad guys side we just get two henchmen but at least they are both named henchmen on the left is crusher and on the right is Mike the spike both funny names for a whole setting of the entire movie now it's presented but there are a lot of different things between these two you know different colors of arms the different colors and prints of torsos different hit pieces different leg pieces one of them comes with the breather pack you know the air tank and everything and one of them does not head of course they had gear and the head pieces themselves the faces are different crusher gets a second face which is under there I promise you it's there there we go that's a pretty well detailed one it's not Karloff I swear it's not Karloff look at the main face which is definitely not Karloff but I also wanted to show you in case you haven't seen it or didn't remember the look of that torso there on the left on the back because there's more print there than most of the time you don't get to appreciate because it's covered by a pack this set had two fundamental things working against it before they even began to design it physics and economics the physics part obviously revolves around the single large wheel here with not only having it stand up on its own but being able to balance with so much weight out so far with so much weight up top as well and then in terms of economics there's the issue of scale and size obviously they could not make it full-sized obviously they did have to take some shortcuts in terms of covering things up but I think that the designer again or designers did a respectable job at least have kind of balancing between the compromises of those two major restrictions I am more than satisfied with the size of this mech and I'm pretty happy with its level of articulation and playability I am not at all happy though with that misako face but that does it for my look at this set hope that you've enjoyed this and I hope that I've shown you everything you wanted to see here new release season is right around the corner so I will be doing a lot more reviews again then I hope to have a chance to talk to you again soon because my next video is on the way catch you later