La La Land Movie Review

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Welll, I’m just happy that I’m seeing really good movies in theatre now like, refreshment! La La Land is a movie directed by Damien Chazzle and that dude brought us whiplash in 2014 I mean if I had a chance to rate whiplash i would have rated that movie an A+ because that was such a good movie and he’s back with La La Land another musical and this movie is definitely my best movie Hollywood 2016 This movie stars Ryyan Gosling and i have to say that my respect for this guy is increasing by every movie.

Earlier this year he had a movie called the nice guys and that was such a good movie I don’t know why it went so unnoticed but that was really great movie according to me i would have rated that movie an A I have watched it but not rated it anywhere would have rated that movie an A this dude is just growing with every movie he does.

I mean he is such a good actor and he is a pianist in this movie and I myself have learned piano for 6 years so that’s another way that I connected with this character.

And it also stars Emma stone as a struggling actress She is so pretty and she acts really well so beauty with brains i dont know whats in the name of ema Emma Watson, Emma Stone, they are so beautiful.

Well I have to say that Emma Stone in this movie is so of perfectly casted I don’t see anyone else playing this role she is so good in this movie as well as Ryan Gosling as a jazz enthusiast as i earlier said that dude is great The chemistry b/w the lead pair is superb.

I mean it feels so natural that you can believe that these both are madly in love with each other and now-a-days it’s so rare to see such kind of chemistry on-screen.

I mean wow they They Both nailed their roles, nailed it, nailed it! The director of this movie he himself is a drummer so I guess he knows what music is and it shows up in the movie and this movie is a love letter to the sixties and seventies vintage Hollywood musicals.

I haven’t seen much of musicals to be honest because i don’t like them but la la land I went in, I mean wow I mean if we were in that situation if I was in that situation I was certain that I will dance or in that situation I mean, why not.

If life gives me music I’ll dance it would be so much better if life is like a musical like you’re expressing yourself with music that that’s life only when its done.

Good and when it’s not been miserably like Pan was.

*murmuring how awful it was* JK Simmons is in this movie well he has a very brief screen time and so does John Legend and they have acted their parts really really well in this movie.

The Soundtrack of this movie the another reason why i love this movie is this sound track of this movie this movie has such a good sound track I see this movie winning oscars I see this movie winning Lots of awards and this movie deserves to win lots of awards.

If you are an artist or if you want to become something and it’s not working out for you well this is the movie for you.

this movie is so inspiring this movie goes on that lines where they never give up on what they’re good at that.

They are always behind each other’s back and in the end things happen and you leave the theatre smiling,I can assure that you can You can leave the theatre smiling.

Well I have to say this La La land is one of the best if not the best that I’ve seen in 2016 from Hollywood and maybe this will go down as a classic in the coming decade because, hey this is a good movie and as I earlier said this movie is a love letter to the classical vintage Hollywood musicals that that’s a huge compliment in itself I rate La La Land an A+ Go check this movie out guys totally recommend it even if you’re not into musicals you will love it for the story and the performances well, I mean Ryan Gosling since drive is on this level.

He is par brilliance he is par excellence.

I don’t know what to say running out of words for him.

thank you so much for watching and please please please do subscribe and comment below which is your fav movie hollywood 2016 because i’m making a list top 10 best hollywood movies top 10 best bollywood and the worst thank you so much guys and do check out my rogue one review if you’ve missed it out and do a check on my dangal review if you’ve missed it out and untill the next video, PEACE OUT!.

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