Kong: Skull Island (2017) Movie Review

KONG: SKULL ISLAND If you are going to watch Kong: Skull Island I do recommend seeing it in the IMAX, probably for the Kong themed IMAX countdown alone Call me a loser, but I thought that was pretty cool

The IMAX enforces the grandness of Kong and you get to experience a great shot from a helicopter that makes you feel like you are right in the action But those, slo-mo helicopter blade circling shots were enough to make me go apeshit! For all the stick that the 70s King Kong film gets I did find it highly amusing that the beginning of the film pretty much plays out exactly like it I was half expecting Jeff Bridges to walk through the door I would have loved to have been in the creative department when someone said, “Why not set it in the 70s?” “Didn’t that already happen?” “Ok! Vietnam style!” Somebody had been watching too much Platoon, or Apocalypse Now or more so Tropic Thunder as it carried out a peculiar tone Just like the marketing it didn’t know what tone to stick with

It didn’t know whether it wanted to be a big budget B-Movie, a patriotic war film or comedy Most of the comedy falls flat on its monkey arse except for John C Reilly pulling out the punches It is probably his character and Reilly’s comedy that saves the film from disaster As much as I enjoy listening to the best of the 70s soundtrack, it does become a little overbearing

It felt like someone got a bit carried away – songs were popping up all over the place It just didn’t seem to get the balance right If we are talking soundtracks with a decade theme, Guardians of the Galaxy and Trainspotting are the ones that get the balance spot on I didn’t really appreciate the obsession with eyes and the imagery trying to make a connection between Kong and Samuel L Jackson’s character – just didn’t seem to sit well in what essentially is a monster movie

All the bits with Kong are highly entertaining, it is the human aspects that really let the film down Badly written characters with badly written dialogue Brie Larson’s character is set up to be this power woman but then results in running around looking terrified and yes, is in need of saving Tom Hiddleston offers nothing to the table over than a bit of muscle on his body and Toby Kebbell should have just stuck to the motion capture stuff because I am stick to death of him being wasted in films which such pointless bit parts If you don’t count the human characters and just concentrate on Kong alone, this is probably the best you are going to get from a big budge B movie

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