Killer Bud (2001) – Movie Review

Hello internet! I am Torstein from Cinema Terror and this is my review of the supposedly stoner comedy Killer Bud from 2001 And I say supposedly as you would think a movie called Killer Bud would be a stoner comedy, but instead it is rather light on the cannabis humour

The film is about two losers who are fired from their job, goes to a bar with no money and randomly ends up hooking up with two girls by promising them some good weed to smoke on They struggle to find any however, and when they first do, they come across some extra special type of marijuana Since this string is extra pricey, they get the smart idea to make photo copies of hundred dollar bills so they can get the weed they need After they smoke some with the girls off screen, they are sent on a mission to get the girls some food in order to have a chance of getting laid Their trip to the store does not go easy as the store is closed and they need to break in to find the food they need

On their way back to the girls they now not only have the police after them, but also the weed dealer that they gave fake money to I guess that's the premise as there isn't anything else to this film It has a paper thin plot with characters doing the most stupid shit possible There is no heart or meaning behind the film, but even worse, the comedy just does not work The writing is terrible and I doubt anyone behind this film has any experience with marijuana at all before getting the job to create this film

It look and feel like a small low budget picture, which made me shocked when I saw that IMDB had an estimated budget of 3 million dollars for it If that's actually correct then I wonder where the hell that money went and I doubt they ever made anything close to that back due to this film going directly to VHS and later on DVD To be fair, I guess they could have made some of it back due to its cast members though The duo of morons that we follow is played by Corin Nemec and David Faustino Yeah, one of the main stars of Killer Bud is actually Bud from Married With Children

He plays a scrawny, weak, emotional guy who just follows what his leader says to him regardless if he knows its wrong or not Nemec is that leader and his character trait is being an irresponsible idiot I guess He is not a bad actor and I have seen him in other low budget stuff where he played more suitable roles, in this one he seems to be miscast I would also have liked it more if these guys actually came off as stoners, instead of horny frat guy and his friendly sidekick The female duo that they are trying to hook up with is played by Caroline Keenan and Danielle Harris

Keenan plays a bitchy blonde chick, while Harris is as adorable as ever in her role as the naive, cute and fun girl named Barbie Actually, the entire cast is the best part of the film, even if they make up for the least convincing stoners ever, its just a shame that they didn't get more funny stuff to work with Killer Bud is directed by Karl T Hirsch, who was the correct age at about 30 when he made the film There is no young energy to be found by watching the film though

You can go pretty wild when you make a comedy like this, but the style is surprisingly restrained and too bland for my taste There was also several scenes where I would expect there to be music playing in the background, but nope, no music or emotions to be found anywhere Killer Bud is not only false advertisement as it tries to sell itself as a stoner comedy, which it is not There is cannabis present, but it plays little part in the film and could easily have been exchanged out for anything else Worse than that though is how unclever and dull the movie is

It does save itself a bit from having a cast, mainly of Faustino and Harris, but ultimately this is not a film that will bring out laughs from any crowd, stoned or not That being said, it was more of a forgettable experience than a painful one Killer Bud is weak bud and as such only gets a 2 out of 5 Anyone else out there seen Killer Bud? If so, what did you think of it? Any real stoner comedies made after the year 2000 that you think are worth checking out? Let me know about it in the comment section below, like subscribe and all of that stuff and I hope to see you again on my future videos Thank you for watching