Invasion Force (1990) – Movie Review

Hi, I'm Torstein from Cinema Terror Let's go full on action with the 1990's David A

Prior movie Invasion Force! Invasion Force takes place in the woods somewhere where a film crew is trying to complete an action opus before they are interrupted by a group of soldiers who are there to do something evil The director of the action film, Ben Adams, now has to get his crew together and go head to head against the evil soldiers in order to both survive and finish their own movie I think that was the premise, but it honestly doesn't matter There is no story here, just the premise of a film crew going toe to toe with bad guys Most of the film consist of either the good guys or the bad guys walking around in the woods with heavy armor on them

Oh, and shootouts between them, lots and lots of shootouts Invasion Force actually starts out quite interesting by setting up the premise of the film crew filming a low budget action movie out in the woods It feels nearly like an 80's slasher film at first as it could just as easily have been a slasher film being shot within a slasher film I did like the premise here as its not something I believe I've seen in an action film before, although I am sure there are other examples of this out there While the premise is cool and they do attempt to do stuff with it, it still feels a bit underused and that they could have come up with clever stuff for the film crew versus the bad guys parts

But that would be too much to expect as this is at its core just another low budget action film that is comfortable by not trying to achieve anything else than to sell itself to the b-movie crowd by having a nice looking VHS cover to it The main attraction to it is the fact that it is written and directed by David A Prior If you are into low budget action and horror films of the 80's and 90's, then Prior's name should be familiar to you due to him being the guy behind fun stuff like Deadly Prey, Killer Workout and Hell on the Battleground What you hope for when you press play on a David A

Prior movie is, first that the tape actually plays as most of his stuff is only on VHS, and second that the film will go over from trying to be a serious movie into hilarious, insane shit that will leave you grasping for air by laughing Invasion Force didn't really go there, which makes this one of his more boring efforts There are some awesome bazooka usage and one or two guys explode, but other than that most of the film feels so slow that its hard to pay attention to it Seeing guys shoot at each other for 70% of a movie is not as exciting as you might believe The characters are all mostly dull too

The hero is, of course, the director of the fictonal film More sense than having this average looking guy be the hero, would be to make the main actor Troy be the hero as he has the silly over the top 80's look going for him and they could have made the character be unaware that he wasn't just acting in a movie anymore when he goes up against the bad guys That could have turned the movie more into insane Deadly Prey territory and made the stuff between the action scenes more interesting Oh, and the great one liners would basically be able to write themselves But I guess the filmmakers enjoyed the idea of making the average man director into the hero better

And of course he gets the main actress of the fictional film She was incredibly annoying throughout the entire film and if that was made on purpose, which it must have, then I have to wonder what the intention was Was she supposed to be childish cute or anything like that or was the actress just so bad that this was the best they could get out of her? On the positive side, Richard Lynch shows up as the main bad guy I know he's done a lot of great work and he has an awesome bad guy look When I see him I always think of his memorable role of Major Kraus from Puppet Master 3, which elevates every other movie I see him in also

Invasion Force is your normal late 80's / early 90's low budget action film There is a good premise, but little is done with it The best part is some of the all too few special effects and the appearance of Richard Lynch Other than that, this has been forgotten for a reason and is not worth hunting down Invasion Force gets a 2 out of 5

So I guess that was Invasion Force Has anyone out there seen this one? Do you know of any hidden gems of action flicks from this time era that no one has discovered yet? Let me know about it in the comment section below, like subscribe and all of that stuff, and thank you for watching