Hell’s Trap (1989) – Movie Review

Hi, I'm Torstein from Cinema Terror and today I am reviewing the mexican slasher film Hell's Trap, or Trampa Infernal in its original language We start off Hell's Trap getting to know the two rivals, for some reason, Mauricio and Nacho

After an intense round of a game of paintball, Mauricio gets the idea of them going out to the woods to see which of them will be able to hunt down a bear who is rumoured to have killed off other human beings in the recent past When the group of seven people head out to the woods, they do not come across a big bear, but rather a ruthless killer who do not approve of others trespassing on his area Hell's Trap is an interesting film in some ways It starts with the regular horror slasher film tropes of a group of young people heading out to the woods, ignoring the warnings of an elderly man and then finding themselves being hunted by a masked murderer For some reason though, they didn't go full on horror, but rather included guns and machine guns to the mix

The killer is an American ex-soldier with no supernatural abilities or clear motivations and when he is not satisfied by using his Freddy Krueger rip-off glove, he also takes advantage of the benefits that weapons like guns, machine guns and grenades bring to the table It's funny how he is actually a mixture of the three most popular horror villains with the already mentioned Freddy glove, the mask which can resemble the Michael Myers mask and the fact that he lurks around in the woods like Jason Vorhees It's an odd mixture of horror and action doesn't work in Hell's Trap and it left me wondering why they went with this choice in the first place If you are going to have a masked serial killer hunting down people in the woods, then why even worry about adding action elements? Odd choice, and I would have prefered it if they had stuck with either making Hell's Trap into a pure horror film or straight action movie The little we get to know about the character also doesn't do much to set them up

Mauricio and Nacho are rivals for some reason, even though it is never explained at all And the only thing else that we know about them is that Mauricio is supposedly the bad guy and Nacho has an excellent 80's mullet going for him Of course all the decisions they make during the film is completely moronic At one point they even have the chance to escape as they are all in their car and they can just drive on home, but no, they figure it is a much better option to stop and hunt down the murderer I bet you can guess what happens to her character next The film is kind in that it is only 75 minutes long

Even at that short running time it does feel like it is dragging itself towards the end There are a few death scenes, but there's mostly blood spattered and little gore to be enjoyed For exploitation fans, I should also mention that no, there is neither any nudity to be found and enjoyed either Hell's Trap is a poor film, there is no denying that But even if it is bad, it did manage to keep some interest to me as it was an odd film and it felt a bit new or exotic due to it being a Mexican production

It is not a film I will recommend you to hunt down though, even if you might be into finding hidden gems from different countries Hell's Trap gets a low score of 2 out of 5 Have you seen Hell's Trap before? What did you think of it? Any other South American 80's genre movies you would want to recommend me checking out? Let me know about it in the comment section below, like subscribe Patreon me and all of that and I hope to see you again next time Thank you for watching