Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review! 🎬

guardians of the galaxy vol 2 what's up everybody lee the fourth coming at you once again with another movie review the premise of this right here as we all know from the first film we got a ragtag group of people that were never expected to come together they end up coming together they end up saving the galaxy from a threat a huge major threat that could have literally everything and that leads us into the story of this film and I gotta say that I didn't really feel that the story was very compelling this time around I was a little underwhelmed I felt like this version of guardians of the galaxy was a little bit of a complete gang fest I don't know what was going on why they chose to go this round now not saying everything was bad I still enjoyed this film but the story itself just felt like one big gag after another there wasn't really anything too interesting they had a bunch of gold people chasing them around and at first I didn't really mind the gold people I felt like they will have some reason behind them being in the film you know as the film carries on but it turns out that not so much they they were in the film they do have somewhat of a purpose but really to be honest I think that they could have been completely exit out of this movie and the movie would have been a lot better for it I think they're going to introduce these gold characters they should have done it like differently like the execution was just poor so I gotta say that the story at least in the first half I was not feeling at all then you know towards the middle and end the story starts to get a little bit better when they introduce the actual villain and what's going on there but I gotta say that the story was was definitely underwhelming the once again this film was directed by James Gunn we have Chris Pratt as Peter quill aka star-lord Zoe Saldana as Gamora dave bautista has drax the destroyer Vin Diesel once again as baby group Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon Michael Rooker as yondu udonta carrying the lawn as nebula Tom Clemente as Memphis and Kurt Russell as ego the Living Planet Peter quill once again was fantastic in his portrayal at star-lord he did a great job but I got saying there were some times where they overdid it with the comedy like saying to the point where it kind of just like I said it was almost like a spoof movie so it was almost as if he was spoofing the version that he did in the character from the first time around it's almost as if a team like the team behind scary movie came along and took guardians of the galaxy and said hey let's make this like super crazy and just be really goofy with it and that's kind of what Star Lord ended up falling into for me I think the more was great again there isn't really anything I can think of to complain about her performance I actually enjoyed it in my spoiler section down the line in this review there is something that I didn't like that happened to her character in the film but as far as her actual acting and whatnot she did a good job now Drax was hilarious this time around there was a lot of comedy in regards to him he was almost like the comedy machine or the comic relief character which is a little bit we are considering the first movie he was completely not that I mean they did use him as comedy in that movie but the thing is that it was funny because he didn't know what the hell comedy was he was not aware of sarcasm or anything like that so they gave him some character development this time around to the point where he's kind of getting familiar with what comedy is and things like that so he's really used you know wisely in that way but I do feel like they overdid it with the comedy in regards to Drax it was almost like anything that he popped up in was just meant to be comedic and that was it it was like he was not badass this time around there was nothing scary about him I didn't feel like he was a force to be reckoned with like he was in the first movie so yeah in regards that I think they dropped the ball a little bit on Drax baby Groot was adorable it was cute he was just like a real baby essentially to where they had to kind of you know basically baby him throughout the whole movie he wasn't really any help he was kind of getting in the way a lot but there were some funny moments with him as well and I think like I said it was adorable to look at so I did like baby group but I hope he's you know back to adults eyes are close to it in the next film because I don't think I can handle two films a baby group now rocket once again was was funny he was he was a great character he was pretty much the exact same way that he was in the first one now again everybody got some character development this time around and the development that he got was kind of minor but it was fitting I liked it they did well Rocket Raccoon again there is complaints here in regards to this character I enjoyed it the only thing I could say it which is not really a complaint but I could use a little bit more character development for him now nebula was a lot better this time around but she was still doing that you know over-the-top acting era gonna cool no like she was like always grunting I was gritting her teeth and I understand that that's kind of you know what her character is supposed to be but I mean you can even show that you're like you know a tormented soul without having to you know be so over the top all the time you know I mean there's all kinds of depressed people out there and you go into Starbucks or just you know you can tell that they're relatively annoyed with you but they're not like a what are you work for your company you know I mean like and it's below unrealistic like nebula yeah she was better this time now Kurt Russell was great I feel like Kurt Russell to me is a little bit like how Wilson has become to me in the sense that Will Smith always takes on these roles and he does a great job and he's almost like playing himself every time and I feel like Kurt Russell was exactly the same almost in this movie as he was and big trouble little China and escape from New York and stuff like that I just I didn't really see much of a difference in terms of the way he acted and the way he portrayed himself it was almost like I think Kurt Russell is one of those actors that has you know that niche you know getting roles where he can just be himself and make millions so hey I mean you got the best job on planet Earth but yeah Kurt Russell was good but like I said I just think he's kind of always like being himself and not really acting so yeah it was pretty cool now we all know the first film had fantastic music playing all those oldies tracks and all those wonderful hits from like Marvin Gaye and whatnot and I don't know how these songs fit with this intergalactic you know ragtag group you know adventure movie I don't get how it fits what it does and it fits fantastically I love it i big it's awesome and this movie they had another mix of old-school songs which fit perfectly they were well done I enjoyed it the music is very well done but one of the things I gotta say is that I think they kind of liked a lot of things in this movie you're going to hear me say are overdone and that's my main you know concern I'll get more into that in the spoilers section coming up but they only get everything I feel like in the first film they utilize those old-school tracks sparingly they put where they needed to be and where they were most impactful but this time around it was like every scene had an OD song it was like they decided hey okay you know people like the oldies tracks people like the comedy so let's just take those two things and just like times it by 20 and just see if we can knock it out of the park even bigger this time around and we've all learned that bigger isn't always better you know what I mean so sometimes you gotta you got to understand that you got to find like that common ground that middle ground you got to balance things out because too much of a good thing is never a good thing so with the music they should have toned it back a little bit and played the song like they did in the first film where they were actually like necessary not like a medium scene one thing that guardians of the galaxy always manages to do appropriately is capture the visuals and a stunning fashion there was a you know an old-school well I don't say old-school but there was a young Kurt Russell in one of the scenes and you couldn't even tell that there was CG on him if there even was maybe they just had a really fantastic makeup artist that was able to make him look super young but we've seen how that whole thing is progressed because in Tron you could clearly tell I'm pretty sure it was Kurt Russell in that movie – maybe I'm tripping correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure it was Kurt Russell in that film – where they made him young and it was just like so CG like you could easily tell this time around I really couldn't tell it all it look like a young Kurt Russell and they've even done this in I think it was Terminator Terminator Salvation where they made it young Arnold Schwarzenegger with CG and that was easily you can easily tell and a lot of people were complaining about road one looking really bad with their CEO on laya and moff tarkin but to me I actually thought that looked good maybe I'm blind maybe I'm just tripping or I'm trying to just be opposite on purpose but I felt like the CG looked good on them I almost like to me I mean I understand that that's not their real fake but to me it looks fine and this movie they did well with the CGI once again now the spaceships looked amazing they zip around like little bugs you know anything like if you ever watch a slides if around through your living room that's how the spaceships operate I think Star Wars has a more realistic approach as to how spacious would actually in real life but I think guardians you know they want to have their own staple on that so that's what they do they make them like extremely fast like almost like a bug I wouldn't be surprised if they were sitting in you know a board meeting talking about alright how we're going to make these spacious we got to be different in Star Wars all right let's make them zip around to fly and then that's what they went with because that's exactly what it looks like and I think it looks great Rocket Raccoon looked great baby grew it was a little easy to you know obviously tell that he was CG and it kind of took me out of it here and there and there were some cartoony elements in this movie that I was not feeling I understand is going into the galaxy is meant to have a bit of a cheese factor but it's at a certain level and you want to keep it at that certain level and I feel like they just kind of blew the level off the hinges and just said fucking we're just going to go wild with this you know and pretty much make this space Jim Carrey movie like I don't know there's some stuff that I wasn't feeling I'll get into that right now in the spoilers section alright so here we go one thing I want to point out is that there was a scene where Gamora was facing off against nebula and a huge I don't know something that was three times four times her size it was basically like a laser spaceship Gatling gun whatever the hell you want to call it it came to attach from the ship and somehow she is not she Hawk she might look like she Hawk but we all know that Gamora is not overly powerful she's like regular you know she has you know warrior skills and whatnot but as far as I know she does not have super-strength so she was able to hoist that thing up on her shoulder looking like the Iron Man super move from Marvel vs Capcom or war machine where he picks that giant fucking laser gun up on the shoulder and they started blasting it off which looks tight in the video game and it's a little bit more understandable when a character with a robot suit that has like who knows how much strength it's more believable that they can lift something like that even in a video game but she did it in the movie like it was so cartoony to the point where I was just like it's so took me out of the movie I was like super pissed off by that because I'm like come on like guardian of the galaxy yeah it's a bunch of space aliens going on adventures in the Marvel Universe which is from comic book so of course is going to have a level of cheese and a level of you know believed to it but even in the first one they kept a level of realism to it so they believe that maybe they're actually out there somewhere in a parallel dimension or somewhere super far away in space like maybe something like this could exist but in this movie it was like a huge cartoon and there was a section where they were going through like warped space or something like that Rocket Raccoon is yondu and I think baby grew and their faces were contorting like a fucking cartoon I was like the jaw was getting all big eyes popping down the face looking like fisheye lens and stuff like that that took me out of the movie children I was like what the fuck is going on right now like where did this come from why is this getting like so overly cartoony like I'm getting a little worked up and kind of pissed off about it because I expected to have another fantastic movie to watch now keep in mind I don't hate this movie you'll see my end score but it's like it was just ridiculous and then also in this movie you know like the the money shots and the epic scenes like age of Ultron where they're fighting off all those old Tron clones it's like then Dan Kent is dancing like the cameras panning around everybody's looking all badass and so on fucking smashing one robot or Hawk smashing a robotics or smashing another one and taps uppercutting one or whatever and it's like all cinematic and you feel like okay you know there's a slight little cheese to that because we understand that it's not realistic nobody's going to be able to coordinate themselves that way in like real life but it's a fake and it's cinematic and it makes you like get roped in and usually those type of scenes is what makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up and I love those things I don't care if there's like a slight level of cheese to it or like what a superhero's does the superhero landing like they make fun of in Deadpool he's like ah you know whatever I love shit like that and we all love it despite the fact that if something's funny to make fun of we all think it's epic and we love it but the thing is that every time there was an epic moment it's epic scene a a scene that was meant to be taken seriously or fill you with like a sense of tragedy or something else supposed to make you go like oh shit it's about to go down they throw a fucking joke in it was like do one of the things that people love so much about going to the galaxy bonding ones the I get but the jokes were used you know once again not so often and they were used adequately they came in at the appropriate moment the timing was correct and they were actually like hilarious jokes this time it was like everything was a damn joke there was a time where like in the beginning of the movie they're like why aren't you wearing your jet pack best dragon drugs like they hurt my nipples and then there's a part at the end where he ends up having to put that shit on anyway he's like oh my nipple goes flying up in the sky like what the fuck am i watching right now is this fucking Tom and Jerry or what that was and like back to the other thing where I was saying about the cinematic shit being interrupted they did like four or five times they didn't let you have any moments like at the very end the very last scene they finally let you have a moment with yondu and star-lord when yondu spoiler alert ends up dying which i understand that it was supposed to make you you know feel like choked up and I did like slightly but it wasn't as impactful as it could have been if they weren't making this like a big gag movie like I don't know what the hell happened like from the first one to this one I understand that it's hard to you know top it but how about not try to top it and just do another good fucking movie instead of doing all this I don't know what this gag shit I felt like I was watching Jim Carrey in space and then the biggest thing that almost ruined his damn movie for me is when star-lord and ego the Living Planet are having a Dragonball Z fight and all the sudden he turns into a big-ass pac-man head now granted earlier in the movie he was making fun of the fact that he is a god now or he's finding the knowledge that he's a god he could just make whatever the hell he wants once eagle his dad teaches them or whatever and you know I'm going to make some pac-man some weird shit that's funny like when you to say that in dialogue but there for you to actually do it in the movie just look so stupid like you guys are supposed to be in a dire you know circumstance fighting against each other for the fate of the galaxy and your lives and you're going to turn to a fucking pac-man head it'll be soup and like eat him or whatever the hell dude that was fucking stupid and on top of that he had just found out that he put a damn tumor and his mom's brain and egos the reason why his mom died you know pretty maturely wasn't he was supposed to die and you're going to turn to a pack ahead come on man like what the hell now there were some jokes that hit and we're hilarious like when yondu was coming down on his arrow and star-lords like you little a Mary Poppins and a yawn is like is he cool and if I was like yeah he's like America Poppins yell like that shit was comedy gold like there was some comedy gold moments in his movie there is another part of the amber one of the yondu's underlings I can't remember the dude's name at the moment but I know he's James Gunn's brother he I got who said he was messing around with that arrow by trying to whistle and they accidentally stabbed rax that shit had me rolling I was laughing so hard and then the part where rocket racoon was clowning on taser face grab in the name taser face that shit was comedy gold and then the part where rocket racoon was using that device to make them continuously pop up in the area pressing they would explode up into the air and that was tight I thought that that was hilarious too they should have more moments like that not this Jim Carrey comedy stuff cuz that's not what I went to this movie for and that's not what the first one was like and then there was another part where yondu was using his arrow to stab all types of people and they were walking on this bridge and their bodies were falling it was all in slow motion that was such an awesome scene now the stuff with ego the Living Planet was pretty tight when he started actually showing his true colors and showing that he was a villain that's where the movie started getting a lot better for me and like I said there were still some instances that I wasn't filming but that's when the story picked up and got a little bit better and it got away from that gold people stuff and the gold people like I said I wasn't feeling them they didn't even have to actually put themselves in dangerous circumstances they would just fly out some drone ships with a hologram on them so I didn't care about them their battles didn't seem like you know a threat because they weren't even actually in the ships at the very end with the ravager ceremony I thought that that was gorgeous I loved that that made me really feel free on do and I was disappointed that he wasn't going to be you know coming back for the third installment and another thing I want to say in closing well for the spoiler section is that I don't know how they expect this version of guardians of the galaxy to fit with Iron Man and everybody else because the version from the first movie was fitting perfectly but this gag says that they just gave us would not fit with the rest of the superheroes at all no way shape or form all right for my over all verdicts I want to give this movie a pretty good yes guardians of the galaxy vol 2 was a fun movie I enjoyed it there was a lot of problems with it for me though I do not care to see it again unfortunately I feel like this is one of the weaker Marvel movies like Iron Man 2 and what else for the dark world this is going to be in that category they're just all like lackluster not that great but not terrible so yeah that's my verdict that's all I have for you guys today go ahead and attack that like button join the rebel community by subscribing and until the next encounter peace you