Guardians Galaxy 2 Drafthouse Movie Review

(electronic music) – I'm back with my boy Jason G, we just came out of seeing Guardians of the Galaxy 2, at the Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn, which is super cool I've never been to a theater where they actually serve you food while the movie's going on

And I didn't eat, you ate the food, you enjoyed it Jason chose this movie theater similar to the 4DX, fantastic experience Jason, what did you think about Guardians of the Galaxy 2? – How you doing everyone, this is Jason, and to answer your questions, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 was very very good We'll talk about the experience of the theater a little bit later, first let's get into the movie I think not as story driven as the first one, but it goes deep into the characters

This one I would say has much less plot A lot of people are gonna claim like this has no plot maybe But the characters are great, they go so well together There's plenty of action, and there's a lot of cameos, a lot of fun There's five after credit Easter egg sequences that you have to stay for until the very end, they're wonderful

– I agree, I very much enjoyed this movie At first it was a little rough go for me, but as the movie progressed, I found that the movie had a lot of heart I would even say that the movie didn't have a lot of action It had like big action set pieces, but I didn't miss that, I didn't miss that Like the characters were so fantastic in the movie, but in the beginning, I say act one, I felt it was a little forced

That was my only issue, I felt like, uh, it's funny I get it Like you don't have to hit me over the head that it's funny, you know what I'm saying? But that was actually my main complaint, because as the movie progresses, they dig deeper into the characters The cameos by experienced actors in the movie, Kurt Russell, who has a big part, he's not just a cameo But, Stallone, as soon as they came on, like I would say Stallone had even a few lines, but he was fantastic He had a presence already, without even delivering lines

Kurt Russell was so good in this I even had Shades, I forget his name, and Big Trouble in Little China (laughing) He's had this whole son of a bitch vibe, and I was like Jack Bird what? Kurt Russell was so good in this I mean there was actually nobody that was weak Everybody was fantastic

The standouts acting wise for me, Kurt Russell, Michael Rooker was so good in this movie Him and James gotta know they've done a bunch of movies together but, he makes me smile when he's on screen The movie I very much enjoyed it, like I said My issue was just with the first beginning, I smelled it was little forced with the comedy And I told you this I think more than once, this movie is gorgeous looking

Even if you freeze frame a single shot, from the very beginning to the very end, this movie is incredible looking We said that Ghost in the Shell was incredible looking, and it was This movie was even another level up besides that Like, it looked incredible this movie I thought that in terms of who stole the movie, at first it was Groot, and I thought Groot was pushed so heavily, especially in the credits

I didn't, that's maybe a quip that I have, like don't force feed Groot to me But Groot was cool, and then Drax was fantastic in it Like, his laugh is infectious you know But then for me by the end of the movie, Yondu stole the movie for me It was in that order

I didn't like the whole Zoe Saldana on the boss and the boss, and the men looking dumb again Like I said, I always have an issue with that in movies But, by the end, toned that down a little bit, but in the beginning it was like, nothing can go right without Zoe Saldana, and Gamora, and I wasn't crazy about that But like I said, those are only my three issues, but overall, the movie had heart Like I found myself multiples times getting choked up watching the movie

– Yes, yes, absolutely – To start the movie summer season off, this was a great choice – That was very good, very well said Yeah, also I would say in terms of quips I would say, we are only dealing with this movie with a few characters, and you don't go to any planet with like lots of people And that I thought was a good part of the first one, with like with that planet where they first met each other, and then they went back later and it was really cool

It brought closure and it was really nice I mean this also brings closure with a lot of stuff, in terms of like the end and how it brings everyone together and all, but I think that could have been a little more 'Cause you know the whole movie takes place in like one or two places, one or two planets And it seemed a little condensed, claustrophobic in that way But it's still great, great thing about this movie, you can say that was really a surprise

Like, multiple times, maybe you'd get choked up a little And I tell you, after seeing this movie I think, I gotta be surprised that this has a lot of heart This, this maybe one of the biggest tearjerker movies in awhile – We didn't expect that You didn't expect that, I didn't expect that

We did not expect that at all We just thought it was gonna be like some comedy fest But no, and I was like woah what's happening, you know? – Yes, it was great, but it was done in such a great way You know, Vin Diesel is in the Fast and Furious movies, he's talking about family and family, and then he's in this, and they also talk about family and family, and it's funny But at the end, like when everyone's like coming together, he probably does it more than in Fast and the Furious in terms of feeling that family bond

The visuals were amazing, yes They were so so good The comedy, yeah I guess a few times, they wanna sell as many baby Groots out there as possible And then they wanna appeal to girls as well And they're gonna eat baby Groot up

Baby Groot may be more lovable than Groot, you know, all grown up Groot – Like I said, they push him super heavy in the movie But, I like what you said in terms of that the girls will love baby Groot, because I think that's one thing with Fast and Furious movies, that they have an appeal where it's a movie that everybody, except kids of course, can go to Like, you can go with your girl, you can go with your boys, and everybody enjoys it And I think this movie has that same kind of ability

– Right, and I think that this kind of story, especially the first one, like it really surprised a lot of people I don't know many people who said they didn't like the first Guardians of the Galaxy, and I think that's why it did so well, because it appealed so many people And the guy, the director, James Gunn, he not only directed this, but he wrote it as well I mean, it's like a great great script And, you know, he started way back when in a small movie company, Troma

And he directed this crazy small like movie called Tromeo and Juliet, check it out But, to see him do this big budget, big cast movie, is just incredible It's, I'm really happy for the guy And more power to him, and it's great So yeah, and now let's talk about the theater

The theater, the dine-in theater called Alamo Drafthouse, I think started a new trend Like in New York, they didn't come until a little later I think there's one, here in Brooklyn, and one in Yonkers They're really fun There's also one called The Nighthawk Cinema, where the L train is, what'd you call it? What is that? – I don't know, it's in Williamsburg maybe? – Yeah Williamsburg, right

It's the first, I think the first station in Brooklyn on the L train, called Nighthawk Cinema They also are a dine-in theater And then there's a fancy one at the new South Street seaport, called iPics And that's, I think the most fancy of them all, it costs more too But anyway, they're very strict with rules in terms of like, you can't be more than 10 minutes later after the actual movie starts

You can you know come up until after the movie starts, 10 minutes after that, and then they won't let you in They'll give you a refund if, or you know, credits to see another movie Also they're very strict about using phones or texting If one person complains about you, you get a warning After that, they're gonna kick you out with no refund

That's fine – It's really respecting the movie going experience – The menu is really really nice Oh one other thing, is that they let people come in a half an hour before the movie starts, and they have this pre-movie show, where they put on 30 minutes worth of like– – Related content – Exactly, very good, related content

Stuff like– – To the movie, related content to the movie – To the movie that you're about to see right – Like we saw YouTube clips about raccoons And we saw like little cartoon puppet things, all related to Guardians of the Galaxy – A scene with Tango and Cash, and look Sylvester Stallone, and what's his name, and Kurt Russell, are both in this movie

– That's right – So it's great, that they can come up with this whole thing before the movie starts So if you come to this movie theater, which is in the old Albany Square Mall area, near DeKalb Avenue in Brooklyn, near Junior's Cheesecake, come 30 minutes early, go to the theater, have a great time They even have this nice bar called The House of Wax – Which we're gonna to right now

– And they have a lot of grotesque like– – Wax – Figures and what not But, check it out online, see if you like it there The carpet when you walk in is the same carpet design as the movie The Shining Remember when the kid is riding in his big wheel

So anyway, it's a lot of fun, probably talking way too long about this – I wanna just ask you a couple more questions about the movie First of all, did you have any standout characters or actors? How do you compare this one to the first one? And what's your final score for Guardians of the Galaxy 2? – Alright, I would say definitely Drax I would say Drax and Mantis are really great together Mantis is a new character that is out in this movie, kind of like Kurt Russell's assistant in this movie

But she and Drax hit if off really well And the chemistry is great So I think, I hope she sticks around She's very, a good character in this movie – I thought in the beginning she was a little forced, but as the movie progresses she was okay with me

Mantis I'm talking about – Right No I think she's gonna have a place here – Oh she's gonna be in the next one – And that's good

– How would you compare this to the first one – I was a little disappointed because Groot and Rocket the Raccoon are supposed to be like, you know, a team together You don't see them together a whole lot, as much Like you know, Groot is with everyone And I read somewhere like, they should really maybe do a Groot and Rocket the Raccoon standalone origins movie

That would be great And I think there is, you know, it would be a great concept – You recommended that, definitely – Yeah So, anyway, let's see, Gamora, which is the character played by Zoe Zal– – Zaldana – Zaldana

Her thing in this movie was not with Starlord They of course have a little of the chemistry together But it's more about her and her sister in this movie So, and she's always good, but I think it's a little more of the other characters here So it's Drax, Mantis, baby Groot, and Rocket yeah

– And how would you compare this one to the first one? – As I said in the beginning, this one is more character driven, rather than story driven But, you go really deep into the characters And it talks about how if you neglect your children, how it could affect them later in their lives Which is a, that's another thing, like who would think that this would be touched upon in this kind of movie? But yeah, not only is it a tearjerker of a movie, but it also included that concept – How would you rate the movie from one to 10

– I would say eight, solid eight – That's great I tell you my standouts, this movie compared to the first one The first one felt more like a complete movie, finish to end This one is a nice add-on to that movie

Like if you were to watch both of the movies together, I think you get a whole lot of character development, like you were saying That's what this movie, that's like the prize jewel of this movie, is the character development They really flesh out the characters in this movie And that's, this movie does that in aces, it does that fantastically The story, like I said, there's almost no story, it's just a series of events for at least the first hour almost

And then, I would even say maybe the first like hour 15, likes there's no story, it's just like a bunch of events happening back to back But then you know the story unfolds Lot of heart in this movie Not so much action, but you don't miss it, you don't miss it 'cause you're so into the characters And definitely we'll look into whatever James Gunn is to do next

These movies are putting him on an A-list My favorite movie of his was Slither, and I love that movie still to this day – Right he did Slither, I didn't mention that right? – I think that was the first movie he did with Michael Rooker, you know? And they were both fantastic in that Cannot wait to see whatever it is that he does next, 'cause it'll be interesting He's really becoming that kind of level of director

– Absolutely – And I really enjoyed this movie I'm gonna go ahead with you I'm gonna give this movie a 75

Like I said, the movie was super entertaining, but not a lot of story in there But a lot of character development, and you just love these characters – Right Like yeah, you could say like a lot of times people criticize movies because they have a lack of character development And this would be the opposite

This would be like, it's maybe a little too much character development, and too little story No because you can't do– – I like the character development – You have to do like, one or the other, or balance So it is a little imbalanced, a little too much character, and too little less story – That's a great point

– It is very entertaining, very entertaining One other thing I wanted to say, one last thing, is that, this evening out at the movies with you, marks a very important time in our movie going experiences Because we've been reading about this kind of movie theater, in fact this particular theater chain, the Alamo Drafthouse, since it first started down in Austin, Texas Anycoolnewscom, and Robert Rodriguez always talked about that movie, and how you can eat in the theater

And they weren't the first to do that, but they have all these programs, and different movies, and like they have things that where like you see a movie and then eat the same kind of food that they're talking about in the movie, and all this kind of, anyway So we were even thinking of going, when it was only in Austin, Texas, only in a few cities in Texas We were thinking about going down there just to see this theater And now it's in Brooklyn So you know, maybe we'll do that one day too, but it was great to experience that with you

Because we've been talking about this for years – We've been talking about this at least for the last five or six years The last thing I wanted to ask you, this is totally geek style But, you know, my brother, he's always making some models and stuff like that And I thought that the spaceship design in the movie was out of this world

And, I don't know if you know this, I'm thinking that you may But, you ever heard of the anime Battleship Yamamoto? – Yes, yes, that's– – The Ravagers' ship just looked just like that Am I bugging in saying that? – I'll have to go back and check that out, yeah – 'Cause it has the same like hollow front, and it looks like a gun, but without the handle And I was like, wow, that looks just like it

– Good observation, yes, yes, very good – Well Jason as always it's a pleasure to come and see this movie with you Road willing we've got lots more movies to see Hopefully the next film we'll do will be Alien: Covenant But like I said, we'll see, 'cause we said in the last podcast it was gonna be Fast and Furious, and that didn't happen

But, hopefully we'll make Alien: Covenant happen definitely – Yes, that sounds like a great plan Yes, I couldn't do the last one I think – That's okay though, 'cause I'm not so crazy about Fast and Furious – But we'll have a, I think we have a great year ahead of us in movies

– Yes – And yeah, probably next will be Alien: Covenant So, now let's check out the House of Wax bar, to chat some more – This is the Improve and Have Fun podcast, and now we are out – Peace! (eastern music)