Girls Trip Restrepo Movie Review

girl's trip talk about a funny movie Girls Trip was directed by Malcolm Lee the director of the best man franchise and stars Regina Hall Queen Latifah Jada pinkett-smith and Tiffany Haddish this is a comedy and the comedy in this movie is golden it's r-rated so first things first this is not for kids by any stretch of the imagination you know how like some rated R movies you might be able to like cover your eyes and you can avoid know the comedy the actual jokes are also r-rated so not for kids this is probably the funniest movie of the year so far is to me it reminds me of groundbreaking comedies like bridesmaids American Pie 40 year old virgin it's just really up there with the comedy the production of this movie it's set in New Orleans during the essence festival and it felt very musical I really loved it it felt like they were actually there I mean they were in New Orleans but it felt like they were in New Orleans during the essence festival which of course it wasn't the essence Festival takes like three days it takes longer to film a movie in three days so that goes a long way to tell you how the production was in this movie now the story is pretty standard it's very predictable it's almost sex in the city like you know you there are four women and they're dealing with life issues and they all each have specific personalities and they're gonna go through difficult things somebody's not gonna like each other at the end it's all gonna be great set standard friend story but it doesn't matter if a story is unoriginal if you tell it in a unique way and the comedy in this movie tells this story in a very very unique way we have golden performances Tiffany Haddish performance is so bonkers funny I'm telling you I was literally just lying in my bed laughing at night thinking about the different things that she did or the different things that she said the set pieces what this movie does is treat it a little bit like an action-movie but instead of action set-pieces it gives you comedy gold set pieces really unexpected portions that kind of shock you in how funny that they are and it's so so good I really recommend this movie but don't forget this is not for kids I cannot reiterate this enough this is not for kids to watch also if you're an adult don't watch this with your parents tell them it's recommended to to them to watch it by themselves or watch it with their friends but they can't watch it with you because then you're gonna have a lot of awkward moments because they're like you're a kid I'm laughing I feel uncomfortable so that's just a warning to you the comedy of this will be check the production of this movie check the story this movie check this is a great movie please go out and support in the movie theaters I'm gonna give this movie on 90% so that's it for my girls trip review tell me what you thought of it tell me about your favorite part in the comments below this Ruben Restrepo signing off so keep watching