GHOST in the SHELL (2017) Sci Fi New Movie Release Spoiler FREE Review

Hi Ghosts! I'm back for more cyberpunk But Woah! This film has the mouth squarely Ghost in the Shell therefore its live version, released in 2017 Conducted by Rupert Sanders, the real behind Snow White and the Huntsman The film will mainly draw on the 1995 animated film (link to the review in the description) Many scenes are almost animated map reproductions by the plan 95 Or suites, films and series, the franchise Ghost in the shell The film's synopsis is much like that of the anime 1995 Major, played by Scarlett Johansson Is the first person whose brain has been implanted in a fully cybernetic body It therefore has a Ghost (the human brain) and Shell (his cyborg body) With his teammate Batou, it investigates to Section 9 On a terrorist hacker Responsible for the death of many researchers employed by Hanka A multinational leader in the cyber market If you saw my review for the animated movie 1995 You understand that SF and particularly the cyberpunk greatly influenced my taste when I was a teenager I bought the DVD of Ghost in the Shell At about the same time as the Matrix DVD This period corresponds exactly when my influences are formed Especially for writing and science fiction movies So, all I wanted was that this film is not rotten Good At least he is not completely rotten But it's still far from perfect Some passages are particularly annoying But they are mixed with epic moments Visual effects bluffing So I'm a little mid mid grape fig As a delicious fruit salad With here and there Horrible Brussels sprouts>

< Overall, there are more better than less But some things really bothered me And to start I do not like how the story differs The 1995 movie But the story incorporates all the same some iconic scenes Without any real connection between these scenes and history These scenes strongly reminiscent of the animated 1995 But history has problems blending both naturally And although the original story is interesting Some points are still unclear And I do not agree at all, especially the rhythm of the film It's slow at times, some of the choices the characters make me skeptical All is not understandable Some action scenes were a little annoying As for the interpretation I always liked Scarlett Johansson It is beautiful, it generally plays well But in this film I watched her play the Major and at times I wondered "Is it good or not play?" Some of the bad guys also have a particularly disturbing aspect No fussing over the bad, I did not like The treatment of the wicked, it was a bit disappointing You've probably seen or read it everywhere But it's true that the film is a big success visually speaking The image is beautiful, synthetic images make great And art direction is particularly licked Still I have some questions: What about the universe coherent printing this in the movie 95? It contained, also, incredibly beautiful images For the time (still today) Without it penalizes the feeling of coherent universe For live action movie, I asked, certain choices are strange For example, some things straight from the 90s Cars have the jaws of those 90s Some buildings, some streets reminiscent of the films of the 90s And directly recall the animated film of the visual While other things are downright modern And the scent of CGI 2010s It's weird, one wonders "Did you want me I believe in a movie released in 1995" "As the animated film" "Or is that, unlike" "You sell me a big block buster action 2017 full VFX?" But precisely at least the action dépote It pays very well, the intensity is palpable I love the action scenes remind, again, those animated film A good thing is: its pace, the movements of the camera With the exception perhaps of a scene Who we used the effect "Pikachu" With * flash * flash * flash * It almost drove me epileptic I was there in the cinema "Stop it

Stop it right now " "OK, it's good, it's over" That's all But other than that, the action really captures Reminds animated movies in the right direction And Scarlett Johansson is a fucking star of action movies I return to the defects of the film, however: The scenario leaves a little to be desired Some dialogues fall flat And about the characters, even though I enjoyed the whole The character of Major played by Scarlett Johansson His character is poignant, she plays well Although, as I said, I was not sure of his interpretation times Her character was interesting Although his narrative arc sounds strange Without spoiler end Surely you've heard of the controversy over the "white-washing" Because an American actress of Danish origin plays a Japanese character in the manga and anime And I must admit that some of his choices as a character And the conclusion of his bow May sound weird, and I'm not sure he appreciated So I saw the movie a few days ago And must recognize that in a few days I do not remember everything I loved coming out of the cinema Coming out I was excited I really liked what I had just seen Thanks to the action, visual, special effects And then, a week later, I have to say I no longer remember me Specific things that I loved While I clearly remember all those little annoying details I have long cogitated Is what I would give five and a half Or six of nine stars And very very slightly, the balance will tip About six new stars But that's mostly because I love the animated 1995 But I understand that this is not your case And you do not deign to give him such notes Nevertheless it is true that I am a bit disappointed I loved so much animated film I wanted to love this one Small disappointment so About a week after seeing it we can say I've forgotten a lot of things from this film And I wonder what movies you have the same effect Where a few days later Can not remember what happens in the film Comment below video if some films that have done this Prove you're not a Shell Pressing the button "Like" right there below And you can also subscribe The circle is complete Everything can start again