Flatliners (2017) Movie Review

FLATLINERS (2017) The remake of Flatliners is about as exciting as a Flatline When you have such a fascinating subject matter to play with the new Flatliners is frustratingly dull! The whole logic of Flatliners was just infuriating! First of all, if you are going to be confident enough to Flatline you best get a group of students that know what they are doing

Watching these characters attempt this kind of experiment and be in a constant flap (apart from Diego Luna’s character) was just belligerent to the original Flatliners! They have gone from a gothic thriller to an Inception/Matrix approach in this remake which removes that captivating Frankenstein in reverse element but the question I have on my mind the most is – Can Ellen Page not wear anything else in films other than a white shirt? Ellen Page clearly cast for her Inception fame because someone in the boardroom decided this film is Inception with Flatlining doesn’t add anything to the team, though, the most annoying character award goes to Sophia played by Kiersey Clemons, soon to be Iris West in Flashpoint, just hope she has learnt a few more skills by then James Norton of Grantchester seems to have made a breakthrough into Hollywood – just a shame it had to be this film but at least he offers the film some panache It is Diego Luna who keeps the film as grounded as he possibly can and if it wasn’t for him and Norton I would have been close to walking out Casting Keifer Sutherland in the film but as a different character is completely redundant – it just brings back those infuriating memories of Ghostbusters Instead of the film staying a Flatliners movie it decides to go off the rails and turn into Limitless by removing the intrigue and fascination of life after death as the characters just want to become superhuman

Then it completely misses the boat by concentrating on the supernatural, skipping the original idea of the psychology of the experiment and turns into Nightmare on Elm Street By concentrating on the Horror aspect, it makes the atonement theme completely devoid – removing the element that makes Flatliners so poignant It decides to go down the modern Horror route therefore originality goes out of the window! I have never been so scared of the radio turning on by itself or the lights turning off Sarcasm It lacks any kind of imagination – their hallucinations actually had nothing to do with the characters sins – it just felt like it had been done because the writer or director thought it would look cool! With too many laughable and questionable moments and let’s not forget the hammering in of “Today is a good day to die” Flatliners is pretty darn offensive to the original

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