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hey guys on this week’s episode we’re going to talk about JK Rowling’s new film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them team jacob team jacob so sad i didn’t think i was gonna ever be able to wear that shirt again but oh hey welcome back to the writers but everyone on today’s episode as we as I said we’re reviewing fantastic mr and where to find them we really enjoyed this film is good time I’m one of your host Matt and resilient Michael and we’re coming to you from Hold on – HollywoodRedux.

Com right there yeah this show cost so much money to do this but yeah check out over the programming there if you have not yet and subscribe below for more fun content like this show right if you’re not if you’re still watching that is reviewing JK Rowling’s a new cinematic experience a fantastic beasts and where to find them we can just so we can get out of here just so we can put it out there we saw it a really awesome theater we started the grauman’s chinese theatre in hollywood so we really got a over-the-top imax experience so the only way to do it it’s all the way only way to get ya some of these bigger movies this summer the mixes been pretty tough you know if you go see it in a smaller theater like you guys saw dr.

strange and smaller theater yes I mean what yeah we missed a lot of the sound especially and you just gonna crash down or whatever whatever it is but whatever whatever whatever whatever whatever whatever whatever anyway I’m feeling for future yeah yeah never never anyway I love future anyway the problem yeah for the future white last topic you get what we are doing fantastic beasts himself yeah we love we love them i remember when i was talking about that we saw in a great theater so i think this is one of those movies and just like Doctor Strange we wouldn’t solve the grauman’s chinese again we you guys really was a totally different movie this time yeah it wasn’t so sure you know some of those bigger movies maybe it’s even a bigger theater we get it right dish out the extra do it’s worth it and forth worth it to do it because you get the best that you get the best picture and then get the great sound and swan Oscar at girl instruct i love how there’s an honorary Oscar something like that for the sound I don’t know if it’s it was before they when imac so i don’t know but the imax is pretty great i love how I just took notice of result is no longer vocalizing uh how she feels and what she’s just dancing her wand around a good time that’s fine oh this would be a gris-gris people listening or having no idea what we’re getting idea we just two guys I don’t like you guys give you one damn it it’s all the movie just felt yeah hey man your magical spark okay well Eddie Redmayne gave us that one’s a biggie no big deal ASAP well it’s just kill the cameraman no bad anyway the movie itself was a lot of fun yeah it was yeah i wanna flirt so bad it’s like he was just posing the jewelry out of like being Jessica’s but yeah I mean do you notice me yeah I felt like I was like John Belushi put into a platypus you know like in movie form is great it’s old yeah i mean if you haven’t seen the movie we may spoil some things hopefully if there’s something that’s extra spoiler riffic that’s not really out there in the trailers and clips will put a little graphic up there ahead of time so you know either turnout volumes people actually first yah horsey maybe come back and watch it here so you understand we’re talking about because this is like a normal review or just like this is how the movie goes and now it was good or bad we just talk about the things we liked about it and things you don’t like about with wines in our hands what we do but overall this movie is great there wasn’t really anything that really bother me too much about it there’s a few things I don’t know if it was again our theater you know or if it was in the picture but later some like weird coloring issues at some points yeah you mentioned that i don’t know if it was like them trying to make something work with a visual effect or or what but there’s a few shots especially in the like Jail sequence when they’re just sitting in the cells where there’s like these weird shadows that just kept like popping over the main characters face it was almost like there’s a boom shadow or something or something it was really weird it was it totally took me out of the scene and was a really good scene because like any red man just had a suitcase taken away from him he just been pulled away screaming like please don’t hurt my animals yeah you know not dangerous they’re not dangerous no yeah hey that was like the scene and Beethoven that word dads taking Beethoven to put down yeah that was killer that’s the scene that I look over at Michael when i get a guarantee a guarantee cry my god whenever you’re in doubt man just go to the movies with this guy the saddest scenes i honestly think that that’s going to be one second you should do is a good bonus video every once in a while where it’s just that people thought you a SATA scenes in movies and we just show your reaction because any time Michael cries in a movie or a TV show or whatever and he cries a lot and should go more he gets so and i love seeing my great watching what you will do at some point you’ll be sitting there both watching the screen and they get this sad indian to your cooperation me and it’s like this is said this is sad verification yeah yeah but it is the exact same turn sad to your hops the same time it’s like yeah it’s pretty good yeah that was a sad scene yeah and I confirmed it yes so is the scene with jacob getting his memory white man do boiler yeah hey we mention the ground like it was coming the graphic what up did you guys need a grapes with the movie at all i just was really thrown with the surprise casting at the end oh that was one of them took me out like that one that one scene with the weird color and there’s a couple of words shots there’s like some of the bigger wider shots at daytime so seem like i don’t know if it was like a visual effect thing or just a choice there seems super soft there’s a lot of focus issues i felt like throughout the movie and again could have been the projection i don’t know like you know what like what we’re focused things but the big thing though yeah was a there’s gonna be like a graphic flash right here any second Johnny Depp’s castings yeah what was that about guys like I don’t see it was bad is your shocks me so much come on Pharaoh did such a good job there is like yeah we need for him to really hope we get to see more Colin Farrell because out of all the characters he’s won that for me I was like the whole time I was like this character is fucking awesome characters like a badass and I was like with colin farrell’s killing it right now out of us tomorrow yeah obviously your line dressed like doing it this sharp dressed man we all the way that suit he’s wearing at the ends with double like play so beautiful super cool and my name is wardrobe ever magic magic sorry you’re right you’re right I’m sorry I mean well I mean Academy award-winner no costume designer you know that helps helps a lot yeah and they talked about that at comic-con to being literally you know they’re closed all felt lived in like when they got their clothes there was already like old bus tickets and things inside their your pockets as if like they have been in this world for a long time as characters just you know they didn’t clean their jackets and have carefully we’re like how by detailed mean that’s why you win Academy Awards because you give that big of a shit about your job and you do it right and it helps the characters like the all I mean none of the wardrobes felt like sometimes in you know fantasy films wardrobes or like armor or something like that could be like super over-the-top and like even though these clothes in like if you actually stepped outside and was like this is a jacket coming out this season you’d be like that’s really weird hey yeah but like in this movie it is perfect not like it was all very seamless i love the the setting the nineteen-twenties yeah there i love when they went to the speakeasy I think it’s like cool who has a good just like be changed and ready to go out that fast to like if that was a real thing that my time oh my god the instant group done I look handsome I’m is amazing flapper dress y-yeah DVD exactly and then we get to meet a right on Roman as hell and here on prominent as himself just somehow like as in an L form like that was the most ron perlman el5 ever seen okay look just like we’re not going to give him the curved inward chin now we’re gonna give him the ron perlman can we need to make sure you don’t know who this yeah it was good clear to me i was great pop pop he was a dick and rather the matter what I you so upset oh yeah what’s that will like cool i think the money i think that was basically built into the story from to be such a dick because that scene was so sad when you had to give away his little pair his little friend had all I get that and I was just like oh my god so heartbroken movie i can call the route but we should call the stem looked like a stem from a plant or a little bit but that was not the movies nowadays into cuteness are like being amped up man let’s make sure you use animals yea big yeah it’s a vegan diet of cuteness yeah well overall I think this movie is a really fun time I think it’s a great addition to the harry potter franchise I think you know david yates and JK Rowling i’m happy to see him make another movie this was a lot of fun this is actually you know I saw the movies before i read the books and like so this being something kind of fresh and new for me to enjoy the first time he’ll just like everyone else like I really enjoyed it i felt like i was able to follow the story just fine i felt like i was able to enjoy the characters and and enjoyed everything that I saw you know exactly where joined-up thing yeah that was only those little thing threw me but other than that it’s nice to be back in that realm sure it was really cool and you know there are some things they were able to work out you know like the Holy teleporting you know in fact like they use it all over the place in this and I thought like they really you know master the craft and some of the spots so it’s really cool especially when they’re resetting the whole city at the end that was really did it was an amazing sequence so yeah it’s pretty cool but let us know what you thought about the film in the comments below I’m that’s gonna do it for us this week 0 the comments below that’s going to force this week on the writers room can’t thank you enough for stopping by i am your host Matt you can find me at splash down one on all social media I was like by me because I know social medias I’m Michael and you find out what that we’re going to hollywoodlife.

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Watch Full Movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them Click here