Does Tupac Shakur Does Get the Biopic He Deserves With ‘ALL EYEZ on ME’? MOVIE REVIEW

well what's good everybody so I went and saw the Tupac movie this morning I saw the Tupac all eyes on me movie um and it was it was pretty good you know it wasn't bad you know you see 50-cent Jada Pinkett out here they're kind of bashing parts of the movie but the movie was pretty good you know it wasn't that bad like they touched on everything in the in the the whole timeline of Tupac the only thing I was disappointed about about the movie is that it didn't go totally in depth with everything but I totally recommend you see the movie because there's no way I could describe it to you in a way where you're going to experience it anyway so don't worry about there's no spoilers we all know what happens at the end of the movie so I can't spoil anything for you I can't spoil one thing for you we can discuss it here whether you've seen it or not you have to see it for yourself you know but uh it all that they sang a lot was added nah I think most of it is like everything in the movie they did fact check it with things like I even thought that at the end I'm not spared no way to spoil the movie for you because you have to experience it if you've ever looked into Tupac's life you've kind of seen the movie you just haven't seen the way they depicted the movie so don't worry about me spoiling the movie for you ah there's no way to spoil for you and I'm not going to go into total detail about everything but like they didn't get into detail with certain parts of the movie um like you know like how we got to fame and stuff like that they kind of skip over that by narrating it with a jail interview that he did they just reenacted a general interview he did we've all seen this interview it's a clinton facility video it's like an hour long I am just talking we've all seen this video you know so he kind of just they kind of skipped through the beginning of his life just show it's basically a Wikipedia of his life and in biotics usually one to go a little deeper into things that you didn't know about and everything in the movie we've read about so you're just kind of seeing that movie form you're seeing Wikipedia in movie form and there's nothing wrong with that I think the only the only part that was disappointing to me was a few characters they chose wrong the Suge Knight character was dough bug over the good ones Suge Knight character was amazing the guy who plays Tupac is amazing he's very good um I just didn't like the Snoop Dogg character I thought that was I didn't look or feel like Snoop Dog certain things get the feeling off but uh it was uh it's a good movie it's good you gotta check it out um I think it's impossible to compact his whole life into two hours salute that boy young salute GG mayn oh did a good job may know did a good job and of course gravy did a good job gravy's my guy that's it he did a great job he played big perfectly um but yeah man uh like a ghost like a Star Wars yeah I would say great topic no talk would not like it yeah pop might not like it though you're right yeah cuz they would want it to go T would probably wanted to go deeper into his life but I think I think you should go see the movie man because why not we got to support things like this in the culture anyways okay so and this is good I'm not telling you anything bad it wasn't a bad movie it was a good movie I would tell you if it was trash I was actually I was satisfied when I left and you know you know when you see a bad movie or dissent I was satisfied when I left like I paid my money I saw a good movie I actually bought three tickets I don't know why I didn't know what I wanted to go and I so I bought three different tickets so I ended up spending 21 dollars to see the movie but yeah it's good you got to go see at that point yeah make sure you go to an early viewing though I went at 10 am

yeah definitely so lucky you're gonna you're going to be happy you saw it though because it's two hours of gray filmmaking okay there might be a few characters that didn't play depict the characters we know in real life like a Snoop Dog but that's okay you're still going to enjoy the movie a hundred percent they they show everything man they show it they don't miss too much they just don't go in total depth with everything did you go to the Magic Johnson theater area no I didn't I went to AMC I didn't know Magic Johnson had a theater in Atlanta I got to check that out there's also a Cinda bistro but I went to AMC I got the reclining seats and all that JT pop wouldn't go see Gigi I don't know I mean you know I think there needs to be another tupa I think there needs to be a longer Tupac movie because his lucky I can't I still can't believe he was only 25 and did all the things he did like this guy like let's bring up the stats they say at the end how many movies was Tupac and I think he was in seven movies he was in 11 movies 11 movies how many albums did to fuck chord and he recorded one two three four five six seven seven albums and then seven albums while he was alive and then after his death 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 like 10 11 albums after his death I think even more than that maybe 12 that's crazy because think about it most people can't do that their whole life he did it in like five years that's crazy cuz his first time came in 1991 2pacalypse now that's crazy man so he was really like active active for like six years that's it six years man that's crazy man and they show everything him even wanting to kind of get off a death row that the way he died the way they had a problem with some crib members right before he died they kind of they kind of show everything they don't really leave too much out man so that's why I like every Walton 20 appreciate you bro appreciate you man salute yogi Banks was good so Tupac was pretty amazing bro I mean to do all that in such a short amount of time that's crazy what do you guys think about that man David no one's ever going to be like talk I hate it when people compare themselves to pop like even yfn Lucci dropped something today saying something POC dude no you know what he's near POC man you can't be out for two years and compare yourself to POC I'm sorry man I'm sorry if you ain't been in fucking ten movies if you haven't been in 11 movies and you haven't done seven albums within five years get out of here and also yeah definitely watch that movie the movies two hours two hours and 20 minutes it's pretty long but it doesn't feel that long it's like you're going through the timeline yeah pox definitely the greatest just for all that the Jada Jada Pinkett said her character was a bunch of lies they put in well it's a movie guys okay there was they had to establish that Jada Pinkett and Tupac had a special relationship that was deeper than just being friends it was like a soul soul their souls matched right and that was the only way they could kind of show that in a short amount of time so they had to show interaction with him and Jada that was really deep and they kind of had to they had to embellish it a little bit but they didn't go totally crazy with it they didn't show Jaden Tupac in a sex scene or anything cuz she even said their relationship was deeper than sex they never had sex it was deeper than sex because they it was a mental bond and um you know she said you only get one of those friendships your whole life man you know and uh you know that they did it for the movie I don't think yeah biotics aren't always exactly hotter percent okay but you know I don't know Matt JT he never was going to leave death row JT yes he was actually when d-day who was friends with pock he was leaving death row he just couldn't get off because they were that he would had to get lawyers and everything to get off and he was in the process of doing that honestly the last three months he was trying to get his paperwork right to get off a death row but you don't just tell him and walk away like dr Dre did it's savage life but he had money and he started another label and dr Dre produced his own shit and everything so he didn't need anybody to pockets are doing different kind of way cuz the way he he was on bail from death row and they were buying him houses everything he was too tied in it was it would have taken him a few months to unravel from death row my on would come out soon now just joking Jordan for retros job tomorrow okay cool I think the movie was ass it was just it was good Kobe and LBJ no okay okay um shit trashed wrote some shit to fuck oh I not I don't think so I'm afraid oh I think the movie was okay it wasn't trash it was good I think it was good I think and I encourage everybody to go see it it wasn't the best biopic if I ever seen like the Straight Outta Compton was fucking dope I had a feeling to it this didn't it was missing that feeling but it was still good why is yo-yo character in the movie she put a big role in his life also yeah they missed out a few people but and they missed out the scene where he spit on that like the infamous thing where he spit on the the reporters damn for to go yeah I heard about forty Glock was popped today I hope he pulls through now John Singleton had some real spooky shit going on I don't think it would have been good if he he was trying to get too deep with it was it better than biggie movie biggie movie was more cinematic than this was I can't say it was better though they were about equal no beefs mode stop man how did they portray the relationship between POC and his mother that was dope that was were the two strongest characters me and I'm rekt just talked about the movie and we'll talk about it tomorrow too with you guys but uh it was that was were the two strongest characters man they showed how strong the bond was between his mother how his mother was there for him after she got clean and he had some success and got her clean and everything and she was more clear-headed and help was there for Pok and warned him about certain things going on and that he had a target on his back because he was a black leader you know it was definitely it was it's definitely worth seeing Jay smooth definitely were seeing his get Richard died trying a better movie better yes it is because think about it 50 cent was alive to tell the story and they they was very cinematic that's a good point they should have had the person who did to the 50 cent movie or the M&M will we do these movies because those were kind of dope how'd he do a biopic in the beginning of career through that's kind of crazy how they did that right to buck movie was good for vh1's Tintin yeah maybe it would have been better for TV I don't know but it deserved Tupac is too big to just go to TV okay he has to go to the movies um no Drita he was going to a death row east know that Gigi there's something deeper to that story if you watch certain interviews he wasn't going to go that way that's what they say in the movie and he kind of did an interview with MTV talking about death row is he still supported should got him out of jail he wasn't just like fuck Suge he was just I want to do my own thing but he still sub or did Suge Knight up until his death because Suge Knight got him out of jail man Suge Knight got him out of jail so of course he's gonna still rep death row East even if he plans on leaving he's still gonna rep death row East cuz Suge Knight is the reason he got out of jail that's that was major for him he couldn't make bail he needed Suge Knight to get out of jail so that was important man now I wasn't garbage royal degree don't listen to all that like especially you know 50 cent has a personal problem with LT Hutton because of the BMF rights of the movie and LT Hutton said some things about 50 cent and Jada Pinkett was just saying that those certain things didn't happen but they did have a special bond and they had to show that in the movie so they had to show certain things in the movie to show that they had that bond to get that through to the washer I mean you only have two hours and 20 minutes to tell a story that of a guy that recorded 11 movie seven albums 15 albums after his death still coming out so he this guy recorded 21 albums while he was alive worth of material 21 albums 11 movies that's crazy guys okay the guy who did that much work accomplished a lot and that's hard to tell in two hours and 20 minutes trust me nobody will ever live his Tupac no matter who plays him in the movie you're right but the guy did deliver he delivered he delivered let's give him that the two most powerful characters Tupac and his mother those are the two most powerful Crips and the girl that play Jaden Pinkett was pretty good too I like that laws were in the movie they were actually in the movie I thought that was dope that they actually played themselves 11 movies Freddie knuckles he was in 11 movies that's crazy right I just looked it up 11 movies he did at least 11 they said I think they're talking all of the 7 movies for real it says 11 because they added a few that were documentaries you can't you can't count those though so let's say 7 movies still that's a lot of movies she looked like Jada she looks similar to Jada though I didn't like the girl who played Angie Martinez either but that Lewis lawsuit puck mom had was on LT Hutton shrill talk that's true that's a confusing thing but it's none of our business at this point you know I mean Pok was in nothing butcher he did get in a lot of trouble but he was also a martyr man because he made it easier for rappers to come out today you know and do we say whatever they want there was a lot of restrictions back in the day against rappers I mean if you I don't I didn't really understand that because I was too young like I was super super young back then but um you know if you watch footage on YouTube you'll see that you know it was very hard for rappers back then he had a 64 faith I don't know about that bro they made snoop look like a little bitch yes well this new character was kind of bad I didn't like that character in the movie he was in the movie nothing but trouble oh he was in the movie nothing but trouble okay I got to check that one heavier Taurus Benny booms a good director man 2 Live Crew need a movie I agree I want to see a death-row movie that will be sick too Maina was doing the movie – yep that was sick you know who's in the movie – blue da Vinci was in the yard blue da Vinci was in the jail he played a character in the jail was that snoop voice though yeah it sounded just like snoop right like a sighted snoop lend his voice to the movie like it sound it was crazy is it true they dub snoop voiceover they had to man because in you're right they had to it sounded just like snoop they had to dub this voice in the movie Jonathan pm

I appreciate it man I appreciate it bro too short need a movie oh yeah can't wait to watch it this weekend one of the best way got to watch the movie you got to watch the movie this weekend guys it's good Jonathan pm said Cellucci you keep pushing forward and putting up consistent quality content doing your own thing no matter what obstacles try to hold you down I appreciate that Jon and I appreciate you pushing forward because I know you'd be going through a lot too and I appreciate you still tuning in and donating when you can you're amazing bro I appreciate that we got some activity outside jay-z is definitely going to have to have a movie I mean come on this guy's done so much man nas is gonna have to have a movie I want but just for stuff I'm afraid of the dark since you've been I'm not completely in the dark it just looks dark Rockefeller need a movie not yet for Jersey but soon big Doug 500 600 bucks 600 Jasper if you don't stop you want to put your coat on g-unit I don't know if g-unit needs a movie they already got a 50 cent movie so your honest opinion movie was good it was good it wasn't amazing and it wasn't bad I would say I 1 out of 10 it was 7 I'll give it a 7 wu-tang clan definitely needs a movie mike powell carlos coy shuttered Afeni Shakur for giving us 2 o'clock I should definitely not have a biopic but I should write a book on my life it will be interesting for myself just to document it I did do a lie I was think about it a white boy going into the hood very you know very different Nike Dominique Jones I didn't cheat on my I didn't eat snacks at the movie theater but I did eat chicken wings today after the movie Sierra says hello Jasper Jasper they're saying hello to you you want to say what up come on come on come on come over here come here come here Jasper says what up gasps Jasper says what up say what up Jasper say what up ok Google what is a wolf sound like Jasper's checking up he's wondering if there's any food up here that's what he's wondering right Jasper right right buddy right buddy feel good boy are you good boy say what up man say what up good boy hmm Jasper say what up say what up did you see the two fog movie – was he – farmworker Jasper did JT did you cry what type of most is just movie give you a guy I had a tear at one point when he got convicted to jail that was a tear for me how does that eat this even pop up you know Wolverine Logan movie juice is playing now I gotta check that out Callie West chapo needs a movie yeah it's your crazy the movie was pretty fire I agree with you O'Neil King it was a good seven good seven is is the POC Bovie better than and do you right now it's not and WI movie was almost perfect that was a good movie good feeling in that movie man would you like to see a TI movie no I'm good on the TI movie I don't need to see a TI movie I'd like to see an outcast biopic on television that would be cool 50 movie was good mm what kind of dog is that it's Jack Russell a big pun movie I don't know if he lived enough life to have a movie I I don't know jay-z movie will be dope though snoop need a movie to snoop definitely does does need a movie dr Dre needs a movie I'd say like from the point where NWA he breaks off from that and then has his things with death row then does his record label aftermath that would be crazy I don't know guys will me and I'm reco beyond to give you another review tomorrow he washed it today so we will get in more into this tomorrow so make sure you tune in tomorrow appreciate you guys appreciate everything and you know I hope you guys have a great night have a safe night and I will see you guys tomorrow we drop for more videos tomorrow appreciate you guys have a great night I'll check you tomorrow peace