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welcome back to the writers room on today’s episode we’re reviewing disney’s moana beautiful story made me cry that was a good one the ocean is our friend about that because only has a extreme fear of water just not talk about it is your friend just gets deeper and deeper and darker and darker and crushes you that’s it that’s all this movie was not helping welcome back to the writers room today we are reviewing disney’s mawana the latest disney not princess not printed not so sure no I’m your host Katie and gizelle you and i’m mat and we’re coming to you from Hollywood redux dot-com bring check out all of our other content some of our shorts and our other podcasts like the IDL podcast or video game podcast and the case files which is our X Files podcast started these to the can-can young ladies yeah yes yep but today we’re talking about disney’s mawana how he felt about it and things like that usually we do a spoiler warning but now we actually put a little spoiler graphic up if we’re spoiling anything in the film so anything that’s outside of the trailers are such you know yeah and you should know if you’re on YouTube searching for things I movies you’re probably gonna get spoiled so territory anywhere on social media / online there’s your warning guys yeah yeah but if you haven’t seen it go check it out it’s a pretty good movie it’s a fun movie and then come back and see this pocket maybe go see a later showing so you don’t have to sit in the theater with so many children yeah yeah probably so many children one downside and save it for later adult trying to go see a essentially family movie yeah say yeah just want to cry i don’t think any popcorn made it into any kids mouth oh really well it looks like a war zone at me look like the stairs were actually making the popcorn that’s how much popcorn thats everywhere there is a booby trap that’s great yeah but overall I actually really liked this movie I I thought it was great i enjoyed the animation enjoyed the story enjoyed the characters I thought everybody is really likable and it felt like kind of like I don’t know a little bit like a metaphor for like what’s going on in the real world a little bit where a lot of the older people are kind of scared and the you know lean one way or the other whatever it is and then the younger crowd wants to explore and wants to progress and wants to advance and things like that and despite what the older generation wants and that’s kinda cool template for me we just watched google and the two-string that’s a great movie holy cow it’s gonna move this was like a perfect companion to that this was a wonderful like double major rain watched that last night and then watch this great original stories right there and airy like dis he’s doing good if they have to keep this up see they can do a man they can like saying like dizzy be coming back manager proud of you guys good job yeah I even felt there was a lot of truth in it is hold on Disney’s doing just fine alright ya doing wedding without COK cruiser just I’m glad I’m just saying story wise man you can great if you go on sorry Katie no no we’re just trying we’re just trying to give these people and accept your answer the movie if in case they’re on the fence about seeing it there we want to make sure yeah please go watch it is really go i didn’t really good at the whole picture more you spend all that money on going to see a movie yeah it’s an investment that you want to really do research on i feel ya that’s a great movie i mean it’s really colorful film i really like it and as you were talking on the way home you said it’s very genderless which is really cool yes i think in terms of where we are culturally this movie is very forward very adult is what I characterize it as where it the character the main character milana she is in her own right a very complicated character with lots of psychology and backstory and the character does not depend on gender at all it happens that she is a female character but that is secondary to all this other stuff about her that comes first which i think is really the the most adult writing the most forward-thinking writing that’s what I like to see yeah absolutely really cool yeah so get kudos my house after disney is you ice in movies are documentaries like misrepresentation they really pinpoint the ways that disney movies of old had been destructive for our current generation of women trying to be professional adults that have careers and such and so to see Disney movies like this come out you know and they’ve had a few recently brave is another one that’s some more subversive when it comes to their female characters it’s I I feel glad to see that they are trying to offer yeah something that reflects a better world like a better thing instead of something old-fashioned absolutely yeah animation and really pretty animation yes being a bit pretty animation i think they finally mastered cg water like to that water was so mesmerizing water like there are a few shots in this that like I first split second I forgot it was animation yeah well said well said but so beautifully totally good is still an artistic rendering of it so stylized rendering of it looked photo-real but it was still had you know movement and grace yes all its own that I was I was like take it out of the movie a few times because of how beautiful the water effects were yeah there’s like a water boiler there’s like a water kind of hand that sort of gently guide the main character and like saves her and protect her and by the way we all need to immediately after recording this podcast go see the abyss because i don’t think you guys have seen right you guys have my mother’s probably not i’m gonna go with no I’m gonna go to deserve it that have the really forward-thinking technology for your visual effects and special effects for this I’ve seen like the way you’re talking about oh yeah I like number 17 on the abyss but very nice and that’s scary ya like like a friendly of it yeah very friendly a bit like a go you know like nature was like this friendly gentle presence that had an agenda but it was essentially help mawana fulfill her destiny to be nice to straight Antoninus things be nice to stray animals everyone ok that’s the moral of the story be nice to a straight little sea turtle power of the ocean and that was the most adorable thing ever no but that was beautiful on his character that even as like a little baby even as a child before she’s even an adult she was a servant of nature she wanted to help major that was her main role and so because she played that role Nature gave it back to her nature was like literally a helping hand she was a good City as the cute as a baby man like oh yeah lost my mind of your animals in general I was like always it’s always much cuteness I can’t handle it don’t you know how to do it man I’m telling you they know how to get you and everybody wants a hey doll now this there’s a rooster with bug eyes were like way lies like missing a chromosome or two perhaps but is so endearing and I mean if that’s not making you want to go see this movie like I don’t know what else we can say oh yeah rock singing oh yeah I love the rock even more different but first I’m gonna say this man Rocky i’m a big fan and at first we all started seeing the musical number come up and we all kind of looked at each other like like this can go one of two ways and love you want at lovers I cracked a smile in the first-leg few lyrics and then I said damn dude he’s doing it and you killed it you killed loved it surprise month in my heart where notably I was so like I have my hat’s off to you sir but the surprise of the movie for me was germane to commence number i was Johnny yeah we played that creepy crab and that number shiny he’s like channeling David Bowie he’s so charming it was so charming in that number one I was not more of it something like it i think ya can write and hats off to the ocean a great character its own characters I’m saying nature was its own character that like helped Mona and its own way through various things yeah I really like this movie i would strongly suggest if you haven’t seen it or if you’re on the fence and you want like a really good like kind of family fun movie but like a feel-good movie it’s definitely a great movie to see absolutely huh just be ready that there might be kids around a lot of kids and you have more energy everywhere so just where your battle gear and you’ll be fine okay yeah waterfalls go watch it it’s awesome I can’t wait for the blu-ray the soundtrack a little more I don’t know the songs really stuck with me after watching for the first time in the more with their agree i enjoy i was entertained by all the numbers i was visually very entertained as well as you know musically I was into it I just don’t remember him at all yes likewise be honest honestly yeah but i really enjoyed them they’re really great especially when she pulls away from the island for the first time those really remember like frozen I kind of tried and I was like that we all had a crime a beautiful yeah a relationship with her grandmother was really beautiful yeah I was nice as I was nice to see playground was so freaking cool me like immediately I leaned over when a seller and she was walking with a cane and new shoes about to die was just like you know and she came back as a little blue mr.

like for reals though that’s a shawarma want it was an awesome movie let us know what you thought about more in the comments below for the writers room this week that’s it do it for us i’m your host Matt you can check me out splashdown one and all social medias design can find me at design also committee is and i’m katie i’m at came holes and we’re coming to you from Hollywood read x.

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