Detroit Movie Review [NO SPOILERS]

hello everyone it is Jonavon and today I'm sharing my thoughts with you on the Detroit movie to help you decide whether you should watch it or not if you've already seen the movie feel free to comment down below how you thought about it and let's begin the story is set during the race riots in Detroit in 1967 specifically the Algiers motel incident leading up to that moment the film starts off slow but it makes sense concerned that all the people involved in the incident had to be introduced meanwhile the culture of Detroit is explored including Motown and you witness that the arrests of thousands of people who are mostly black divided the city but the characters that are focused upon that most are Melvin Dismukes who's played by John boyega Philip Krauss who was played by will Poulter and Larry Reed a member of a music group knows as the dramatics who's played by Algee Smith their performances will keep you engaged in the movie and these guys are truly authentic to give you some info on how the incident occurred in the movie the police heard sniper shots that allegedly came from the Algiers motel and police soon came toward the place the suspects included eight black men one of whom was Larry Reed and two white women Melvin was a security officer who happened to be in the area and Philip was one of the policemen on the scene however the lengthy interrogation that occurred by the white officer of the suspects was the highlight of the film the acting from everybody was incredible and the music helped add intensity to the situation trust me you'll become emotionally invested in this movie because racism is depicted in such a raw fashion it got bad enough to the point where three black men were killed and officers responsible were put on trial the aftermath of this is definitely worth viewing in the theater and you will find out what happens to everybody I have to give credit to the director Kathryn Bigelow for tackling the subject of racism while also shining a light on the issue that we still see 50 years later I believe that the song grow on the film soundtrack which was sung by Algee Smith and the real Larry Reed sums up the theme of this movie and you should check out the music video on YouTube with that means said I'm getting Detroit at ten out of ten thank you all for watching if you enjoyed this review feel free to like the video subscribe to the channel for more movie related content and share this review on your social media pages go to the description down below and click on the link to follow me on different social media sites my ranking video for The Walking Dead will be coming soon so stay tuned for that have a great day and I'll see you all soon