Cult of Chucky Review (Chucky, Cult of Chucky, Chucky Movie 2017) **Very LIGHT Spoilers**

wait a minute there's two of them this is curtis and welcome back to malevolent elephant as i told you guys i would be reviewing the cult of chucky which is on netflix for those of you then still need to see it don Mancini's classic slasher doll returns for the seventh installment for one of the most famous horror franchises on the planet and boy oh boy it did not disappoint what's great about this film is the continuity between this and the other movies in fact i would argue that to really get the best out of cult of Chucky you need to really see the other Chucky movies like all of them what have I been ballyhoo into you guys every time I cover horror movies you do not need huge budgets in horror films you just don't and this movie is proof positive now obviously it wasn't made for $10,000 I mean it had some budget to it but you don't need a fifty or a hundred million dollar budget to make a great horror film and this is a straight to Netflix film on top of that so it was very good what I like about it is that it's the funniest Chucky movie it's the deepest Chucky movie and it definitely gives you that nostalgia factor that those old-school slasher movies have it's not perfect though not at all the original Andy is back to play an older version of himself which is pretty cool it takes place at a mental hospital and Chucky is back to the same old sarcastic evil ways jennifer Tilly is back as well she is great of course as always I honestly would have liked to see a bit more of Chucky than I did and a little bit less dialog but I definitely had a great time with this movie Chucky's crazy ass has now found a new way to possess several dolls at once he evidently discovered a new chant which expands his abilities and makes him able to do this which kind of makes them overpowered I mean I'm just saying but it's pretty cool and so he can possess several dolls at the same time so the good is the kills are great it's relatively well written I love the bright lighting in this movie which is something that kind of sets it apart from a lot of horror the bat is really ah there was not enough Chucky and I would have liked a little bit more witty dialogue from him that we are accustomed to at this point but I don't remember a Chucky movie in which he talked less than this one of course seed of Chucky is the worst Chucky but overall this is one of the best ones I would give it a B+ thanks for watching I've had some subscribers ask me how they can support the channel other than viewership well you can donate via PayPal of course no pressure if you choose to donate the link is in the description also there are several electronic products that I use that are also in the description I'm a huge tech guy and I love Amazon so I'm an affiliate of Amazon but please note that if you were to buy any of these items that I have linked in the description you pay not one penny extra there's no difference to you the only difference is I get a small commission of whatever you buy so anytime you buy anything on Amazon not just the products that I have linked but anything that you buy on Amazon please keep us in mind and go through our links if you can remember also as always remember to like or dislike the video it really helps out the channel and don't you dare leave without subscribing see you next time