Blade Runner 2049 – Movie Review

Guys welcome and we are going to be looking at the 2017 Sci-Fi sequel 'Blade Runner 2049' and this was directed by Dennis Villeneuve and stars Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Ana de Armas, Sylvia Hoeks, Robin Wright and Jared Leto And this is the sequel to the 1981 neo-noir sci-fi cult film 'Blade Runner' which was directed by Ridley Scott who produces this film

And it's all loosely based on the 1968 novel 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep' Now I haven't read that novel but I have seen the 1981 film many times and highly recommend it to all sci-fi film fans out there or if you're just curious I mean it was underappreciated at the time, but much loved now But getting back to this film – it is visually astounding

Roger Deakins the cinematographer did a really good job It looks beautiful And the set design, environment and locations are unreal I mean when you got me looking at a city and thinking oh that must be a miniature set, but you know, it's most likely a CGI composition Job well done my friend! Job well done

And that was one of the things that drew me into the 1981 Blade Runner was the successful incorporation of SFX in that movie, such as matte paintings and the use of miniature sets to really build this dystopian futuristic world and I mean it's just been so influential over the years because every sci-fi film ever since then has incorporated that, most notably 'The Fifth Elemente', but you know without talking anymore about it lets dig into this film Blade Runner 2049 takes place 30 years after the first film, which ends with Rick Deckard (played by Harrison Ford) and his replicant companion, Rachel, fleeing the dystopian Los Angeles and the threat of being “retired” Much has happened in 30 years with a global blackout, the collapse of the Earth’s ecosystem and the Tyrell Corporation being acquisitioned by the Wallace Corporation, now run by Neinander Wallace (played by Jared Leto) who has engineered a new breed of replicants that are obedient to humans, eliminating the rebellious tendencies of past Tyrell replicants BUT in all this mix Blade Runners still exist, to hunt down and retire the existing Tyrell replicants K (played by Ryan Gosling) is one of these new-breed of replicants and is also a Blade Runner

In the course of one of his “retirings”, K discovers the skeletal remains of a replicant who shows signs of complications due to birth The deceased replicant happens to be Rachel This bombshell discovery that replicants can reproduce, could “break the wall dividing humans and replicants” if word leaked out K is ordered to destroy all evidence by his LAPD superior, but before he does the Wallace Corp intervenes, seeing the discovery as a blessing as a way to bolster revenue and production and will stop at nothing to achieve this The real driving question is what happened to the child? K’s investigation deepens leading him down a slippery path that is fraught with danger, self-discovery, and dipping into the past to understand the future leading him face to face with Deckard, and hopefully, some answers

So guys I though I'd talk about the positives to begin Firstly, as I said it's visually astounding The sets, the location, the environments – that looks awesome Secondly, all the actors performances were great and it's always a welcome addition to see Harrison Ford pop-up in a film and to see his character Rick Deckard more fleshed out and just to see what's happened to him over the last 30 years – that's very cool Thirdly, i thought the story was pretty strong, there wasn't as much mystery or questions that I needed answering as I did in the first film, it was a lot more straight forward, but there are still questions there – namely 'How did Rachel have a baby?' 'I mean is Rick Deckard a replicant?' 'Can replicants only reproduce with other replicants?' Who knows! Those were questions that were still left unanswered

And Fourthly, the neo-noir aspects of the first film – particularly the use of light and shadow – they weren't in this film as much as they were in the 1981 film, but they were still there and I loved every minute of it Particularly, the scene in which they are in Wallace's layer – it was very well incorporated there Now I've only got two negatives about this film and the first one I think is going to be a big detractor for a lot of people The duration of this film is 2hrs and 45minutes and i don't think it needs to be that long The first one is certainly not that long and this one could of learnt a lesson from that

Yeah, sure i enjoyed how they further developed the characters and showed me more of this expansive Blade Runner world, but it was way too long Especially when you hit the hour and a half minute and you have to PEE and you don't know how long the movie is And your sitting there, waiting, and waiting uncomfortably Now that didn't destroy the movie for me- i still enjoyed it – i was loving the experience, but it was way too long So yeah, let me know if that was a negative for you guys? Secondly, i thought the soundtrack was lacking

It just felt like it was trying too hard It was very overpowering I mean it was it just felt like it was lacking that MAGICAL and MYSTICAL feel that the original Blade Runner soundtrack had, which was composed by Vangelis I mean i throw that soundtrack on all the time, especially when i go to bed, because it's so relaxing to hear like rain drops and chimes It's beautiful

And this one, eh I didn't like it It was a big detractor and unfortunate, and you know i think the soundtrack sold the first film

I think if they didn't have it it wouldn't be the cult film as it is today Sure it had a good story and cool locations, but Vangelis was a big key in that movies success And this soundtrack felt like it was trying to emulate Vangelis's musi c, but it was failing But guys, yeah, aside from that, you know if you can't tell – I would recommend this film I give it a thumbs up

It's definitely one to see I love Blade Runner and liked this film a lot Is it a great sequel as everyone out there is saying? Eh, it's a good sequel, it's a very good sequel Not one of the greatest sequels ever made, no, but it is a great sequel and that's hard to come by today So guys i recommend it – go check it out – and as always guys thanks for watching, I'm Paddy McManus, and i'll catch you next time