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Today is the day to talk about Blade Runner in 2049 Everyone has seen? Because I'll drop some spoilers in this video, be warned

Incidentally, this video is more a video provided by the Game Vault, the best place in São Paulo you go to play board games It is on Rua azaleas, 138, close to the Metro Health Enters facebook Game Vault and gives a look at the events that take place there all week! We will arrange a meeting between the morose in Game Vault? I have a video here on the channel that speaks of the importance that had to Blade Runner the science fiction film as a whole, is undoubtedly one of the most influential films ever so much that continues to influence since 1982, when it was released In 1974 an actor named Hampton Fancher ran by Hollywood studios in an attempt to give life to a project he had in hand, based on a work of Phillip K Dick, and in 1980 this project fell into the hands of Ridley Scott, who went through a sad phase after the death of his brother, Frank, and needed to deal somehow

A film noir detectives with rain jackets and femme fatales who spent 40 years the future was exactly what he sought and won the title of Blade Runner, borrowed another project of another writer – William S Burroughs, who never got off the ground Thus was born Blade Runner, a classic of science fiction cinema Only that not everything worked as expected The film's release was a failure public and critical, and Blade Runner was re-released two months later with a new cut, new scenes without voiceover

It turns out that the film was released two weeks after ET The Extra-Terrestrial, and it destroyed the chances of a good box office But curiously he created a legion of fans, and was rediscovered with the advent of video tape Christopher Nolan was one of those fans who redescobiu the film tape, having borrowed a bootleg tape of a teacher And Nolan himself takes his Gotham City has a lot of Blade Runner In 1989 Blade Runner became a bestseller in laser disc, and several versions They appeared in the movies

I even think I saw three or four And to me all looked the same, no one listen to me And the work of Philip K Dick became figurine stamped in science fiction movies, with Minority Report, Total Recall, The Double and The Adjustment Bureau man The series The Man in the High Castle and Electric Dreams collection show that his work is increasingly alive

But what about the Blade Runner 2049, Castrezana? You rolled, wrapped and did not say anything about the movie I did not speak because I thought important to illustrate how influential Blade Runner is for film history, and for that very important which makes me wonder: even we needed a new Blade Runner? Blade Runner has its place in the pantheon of great works of cinema and stir it often It is a bad sign, Alien's there: Covenant Prometheus and not let me lie And Ridley Scott're gaga, did a lot of shit in recent years and bring Blade Runner back just passed me the feeling that he was behind another slot for pay bills left by their past failures No, we did not need a new Blade Runner But if you are going to do, they do right

Denis Villeneuve is Christopher Nolan's time, his movies have drawn attention the public is it really it was still a great name for driving this continued unnecessary At least it gives me the impression of being just a slot, for the work of Villeneuve It shows that he is more than that And he did his job well He joins the legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins, Ryan Gosling, the actor most darling the moment, and apparently we have a great team Ridley Scott seems to have left Villeneuve work and Blade Runner in 2049 seemed to have everything to be perfect

And almost is Almost Before you start throwing rocks at me, I make it clear that I quite liked In 2049 and is one of the best films to see at the cinema in 2017 It is beautiful, structurally well developed, with a nice photo and good soundtrack (Despite the music of credits give me wanted to run the film), the colors of the film fill the eyes in various sequences and the actors deliver good performances 2049 can expand the Blade Runner universe of very positive way, I imagined could not deliver a follow up with a climate so similar to the original, 35 years later

Unlike Star Wars or Jurassic World, which were just remakes of the original with Continued face to serve as a reboot, Blade Runner 2049 is really down with a continued walking on their own feet, even if obviously is forced to rely on the original to validate most of its concepts But not everything is perfect As I watched the film the script almost made me disconnect the beautiful visual journey By separating the plot of the rest of the film it is clear that we have a sensational film with a mediocre story I'd make the video without spoilers, but I need to talk about what bothered me

The thing here is that the K agent discovers that the ancient replicators can replicate Understood? Replicating replicating He discovers that Deckard had sex with Rachael and had a son or a daughter, and the head there He says they need to eliminate this be for the world to discover this will be the end of civilization as we know it I found it sucks Type, same shit

The film immersed myself in the Blade Runner universe and its replicants, I was felizinho, but what the fuck was that? Replicants that can have children? Oh, stop, VEI This is the information that serves to move the plot, ok Our hero, K, need to find out who is the replicantezinho, this is the mystery of the film and his goal Only when the film has just the information that the replicants can not replicate It serves for nothing She dies, disappears, poof! We have here what the movies call MacGuffin

MacGuffin is an element in the plot of a movie that exists only to make the story floor, even if it does not serve for nothing in the end It's just something that all characters looking for a story but that does not serve to anything Anything Then we have the other side of the villain who wants to why you want this new discovery, as its predecessor managed to create replicants that replicate, something he did not come close, and he needs to find the MacGuffin to do reverse engineering and discover the secret of the face Blade Runner 2049 is a fucking cool movie to watch, plunging the viewer masterfully in a unique and extremely important for the world film history with a story

pathetic It is the perfect example of form over substance The screenwriter, Michael Green, was the guy who wrote Green Lantern, Logan, Alien: Covenant and American Gods

Tell by the way, I do not know how the guy got a job after Green Lantern and worse, he delivered another big crap then with Alien: Covenant But at least in Logan and American Gods he did a reasonable job The problem is that Blade Runner 2049 is not a new story that lives up to size Blade Runner name It is nonsense that we've all seen trocentas other times, and it is clear that while the gods of Hollywood had the gift of putting together a dream team with great players, a great director and a director of incredible photography, lacked find a good writer I'm not Denis Villeneuve fan, I find somewhat lacking identity in their work – from time to time I think he tries to be David Fincher, but I can not deny he is a good director

It gives the film a slow pace, sometimes too slow, but that was the original air noir, Villeneuve and has the merit of being a director who knows how to make a story following a constant line Roger Deankins has already established itself as a director of photography that goes beyond that: became figure of pop culture Who loves cinema is more relaxed when you see the name of the subject in the production of a film, and this Blade Runner throws the viewer in the world he hoped to be Only now lack the guy win an Oscar Ryan Gosling shows how the actor more mainstream cult of his generation and transmits all the emotion that a replicant with emotions without identity crisis could convey

Point him Can you feel the face of the dedication, and it's pretty cool We have the incredible Ana de Armas, a Cuban who started in Hollywood as the cute actress that appeared in the movies just to show her breasts and managed to climb their place in large productions and despite showing fine breasts, her talent goes far beyond that And let's be honest: who would not buy one Joi if given the opportunity? I would buy Jared Leto seems that only makes a cameo in the film

I was under the impression that if he did not appear would make no foul It seems that he has forgotten to act after to be called to the Joker And worse, no decent order your character had And Luv, the replicant henchman of evil played by the beautiful but little charismatic Sylvia Hoeks It is just another evil henchman who does not offer anything new It seems we have a generation of films that suffer from lack of good villains

I would say that the last great movie villain was Anton Chigurh, played by Javier Barden in Where the weak have no place And look, this is ten years old Harrison Ford plays Harrison Ford for a change, but charisma is the hallmark of the actor O problem here is the delay before it appears on the screen, the audience will certainly feel miss, but once it enters the scene it seems that everything becomes a little more Blade Runner Or not I need to complain that I felt that Deckard in Blade Runner in 2049 looks a lot little almost nothing with the original Deckard

Passes away that guy cool, introspective and given the 1982 version is a version More stirred moderninha more His character appears in the last half hour just to move the MacGuffin, that nothing, and create a false sense of action film in an attempt to trick the viewer and leave all the monotony and slowness of the previous two hours behind Well, Blade Runner 2049 is slow and monotonous, as was the original But thrillers noir has as an element that air of monotony, is part of the genre And this new piece by the same lack of empathy for the characters

It takes almost half a movie for the audience to connect with K, to care for him OK is the story, the plot is closed it until the moment it is not closed in him Your journey is short and simple, I think he deserved more The interest in it grows with the development of history, and has its culmination and end a small plot twist, when the truth is presented by the Liberation Army of Replicants It is the moment that most of us feel something for the character

But after that moment everything returns to normal K is a good character and well played by Ryan Gosling, but it will never reach the a first threshold Blade Runner Deckard His order did not seem as sad as it should be and, between us, missed a white dove flying in that final scene Having said all that, Blade Runner 2049 is a visually stunning film that is worth It is seen in IMAX, which absolutely NO need 3D – I saw because it was the session that had and I did not see a single scene with visual appeal that require 3D, Blade Runner and 2049 will Play back to that Blade Runner universe 1982 It has several references, but the best is that of Rachael

It's probably the best continuation of a film from Mad Max: Fury Road But deserved a better story, better developed, which does not cling to the old clichés of bad movies that we are used to seeing and were well, and impress What is the best continuation of movie you've seen? Leave your answer in the comments and do not forget to subscribe for more videos Nerd Grumpy

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