BEAUTY or CONTROVERSY? | in a Heartbeat Short Film Review

but like where did the Apple go the short animated film called in a heartbeat released to YouTube on July 31st 2017 and as a recording this video it has over 19 million four hundred thousand four thousand nine hundred and twenty four views and was number 13 on the trending page in a heartbeat is a short animated story about a young boy who has a crush on another boy and how his heart wanting now follow the story all the way back when the creator's best David and Esteban Bravo were looking for funding and at the time they go fully and even over funded I remember being sad about this story only being a short film and I did my part in sharing the story at the time because I was and still am a broke bitch who can't donate and couldn't afford anything I still can't now when in a heartbeat first came on YouTube I watched it when it had around twenty four thousand views I was even disappointed at the time because I didn't get as many views as I hoped it would but boy was I wrong I forget I'm in a different time zone than most of the active walls anyway enough of that let's actually talk about the animated masterpiece that this is now is the animation good do you sweet god it's fucking gorgeous the score is almost otherworldly and I'm not one to notice music much lighting color piece design everything and this and this heart is fucking kawaii to the max oh my god whoa breathe girl breathe I'm sorry this whole the whole thing is just so beautiful it's just who the character designs for both boys is simplistic yet totally fitting the ball with black hair whose name is Jonathan Turner emma is no Wilbur from Meet the Robinsons whatever god reason you can actually see the love and effort it took to clip this it's right yeah the one with orange hair named Shumlin has his little antics with his heart and in the grand scheme of things it can be seen as a metaphor called everything had and OMG I just realized that not one single world was spoken throughout this whole thing mastery I kind of praised this animation quality and storytelling enough it was simply marvelous and gorgeous but now I've got to be the one to explain why people don't like it oh boy this will be fun now I just took a peek at the comment section of the video and I saw a lot of comments about people talking about homophobic comments I didn't see any myself but I'll take that word for it retro Nemo a while back posted its own review on the short film and again in the comments people will complain about homophobic comments again I still to witness any PS I am loving retro Nemo's videos as a recently anyone else so without even seeing the comments people are bitching about I kind of have an idea of what they probably had to say this is wrong things shouldn't be depicted like this you're ruining the kids guy young guy is gross only a man and a woman should be together the world is coming to an end blah blah blah blah now before I say another thing I need you to know my background on this topic so no one is caught off guard or calls out my bias which is why I started out the video with the compliment for this short film I am an African Muslim and if you have no idea why I included the African part of the statement go look up a map with the places where homosexuality is illegal yeah Africa is covered red with that bitch and I feel this map horribly we've got a ton of more places but man I'll let that go first to those who can't grasp why people are against things like this you need to understand that in 40% of the globe homosexuality is in fact illegal whoa that percentile is a lot smaller than I thought it'd be what to be honest for those who don't agree with those numbers just do the math people argue between 70 to 80 countries have legalized being gay I will have 106 countries in the world for example any divided by 186 times 100 gives us 40 point 8 1 6 rather you get the idea do the same for the others and you get 35 sets and above this is in the math video let's move on now with just our rough number in mind imagine how much of the rest of the world will be against the idea of homosexuality if a whole 40 percent of it says it's illegal and I'm not even bringing religion into it now again I know what some of you are thinking but it's natural it should be accepted they're not hurting anybody it's 2017 yeah it's 2017 but that still doesn't stop it being illegal for women and Saudi Arabia from driving on the same things are just different in this places to them or us it's you guys who don't get it just like how you don't get being illegal is gay over here I don't get how hitting someone is illegal well y'all from now I know those two comparisons are wildly ludicrous one being from once trace at a way of life and the other being a physical attack you need to see the difference in patterns when you are really something being wrong being known as wrong and condemned for being so you carry out negatively against it when it's being thrown at you for the love of God I didn't know what the word lesbian meant until I almost graduated college and I also didn't know what a condom was till like eleventh grade I'm so innocent now to some people I am very serious I am very serious this may be their first time even seeing some guy on guy action and with it being an animation the probability of likelihood for it being for kids just skyrocketed now most parents let their kids have free reign when it comes to cartoons cuz they never expect this sort of thing this sort of topics being addressed in kids shows I've talked about these before but a lot of parents boon crushingly afraid of the kids seen this thing I'm being influenced and turned gay because apparently every damn guy I talked to thinks being gay is our toys including some of the damn girls but I feel I'm one of the few Muslims who believe being gay isn't a choice and that people are actually born that way my reasoning behind it is a little fucked up but I won't tell you what they are cause I've already dug deep enough grief for me as is man I feel like every other week I'm making a YouTube career-ending video now people like this who view in a heartbeat don't see a sweet touching story or an animated work of fucking art all they see is propaganda a gay one an animation made by the devil Americans and the insidious Western thinking than ideals made to brainwash our children to become like them do infidels who stop at nothing to control us I am dead serious people think and talk like that I remember listening in to a conversation that was going on around me I believe we were talking about homosexual men and a bunch of the girls who were of different religious and cultural backgrounds from me and I swear to god they said that it's demons and Devils that escaped from hell and possess these men and that's why they act like this is not of their own doing it's literal demon from hell that possessed them to do that what the fuck I was floored by that statement holy shit and again I did not even bring religion into this this is just people's personal opinions and the kind of all will get to talk with people from all walks of life and I'm constantly looking to hear other people's opinions on stuff so I don't remain an ignorant blockhead forever that's why I was able to detect and understand why there was so much outrage on this topic and why I was able to explain it to y'all this week we all must understand not everybody is like us not everybody must think like us I have a shit ton of homophobic friends and family members a co-worker of mine has stated once in the pile that he'd kill his own son if he ever came out as gay man Julie is not married yet he's now saying it for the future and he wasn't joking a ton of my male friends to have claimed they become violent if a gay guy ever comes near them that's how freak these people are I remember there was this one day within my college who always wore bomb shirts I always had a lot of girls hanging around him he was openly accused of being gay and my male friends would freak the fuck out whenever he was around and this is the part of the way I go off-script because my fingers a tender type in the script but you guys listen this world is big a lot bigger than you can ever imagine not everyone is gonna be like you never was going to think like you I personally move that not everybody things like me and that's okay not everybody accepts homosexuality and in and of itself you should accept that fact now I'm not going to tell you my own personal stance on this because I have my own issues regarding it I plan on making a video about that in the future cuz you guys nagas honest with y'all but people's environments the religion the personal opinion and the experience is factored into how they feel about a topic so most of the people in these comment sections either a ignorant people who have never seen this before and that just reacting as we humans do to everything negatively they've had experience with it before and they just don't like it or they're afraid of it and sadly that's what drives the world is they fear anger ignorance and we need to be the bigger person in the situation and just ignore it because if I had gone to the comment section of in a heartbeat and I'd also wonderful comments by people I would have just made a wonderful video about it but because I was seeing people confused and angry I had to make this video explaining what is going on and I'm just me myself further perpetuating this negative story so we all need to you know that happiness first bodies spread positivity even if otherwise a staring us in the face we have to be the first ones to take that step I know it's hard but we gotta do it an example I need to give is my boyfriend thank God he isn't homophobic but there are a lot of people where I'm from who if they do they see they are not against gay people or lessons or whatever but they don't want them near them that they don't have anything against them they don't judge their way of life they should go and live their own life but they shouldn't come near them now that statement is a lot is what a lot of people who are neutral about the topic see and I don't know if that in and of itself is right or wrong because I haven't met any homosexual people to see their stance on it personally I even have to confess that if it wasn't for my youtube channel I don't know how I'd be towards this subject because I remember making a youtube video a while back about Steven universe characters who you did and I like I think you guys think that comedy did in the comments and I see maybe girls saying they did genius ad and guys saying did Lars and walking or another maybe buck or sour cream or something like that and I'll be like wait but you're a guy why are you picking other guys with you're a girl why are you picking both guys and girls it went over my head I just didn't know how to process it but I knew I wasn't against these people or their lifestyle choices I was just confused by it not it was someone else there that maybe berated those people or whatever I just decided to keep quiet because for most people when they don't understand something instead of being afraid of it just keep quiet and watch it and on the schedule ask questions so my boyfriend's own stance is those people should have gone to the comment section and said all those stuff if they didn't understand it or if they were against it of the afraid of it and he personally if he doesn't like something he won't watch it or you won't go out and seek it and then go and make negative comments about it and bless his soul for saying that we need more people in the world like that but I don't know it's just better than being a homophobic monster region around Beijing like I don't want gay people near me I will kill my son if they turn gay no and all that all the bullcrap I just I just don't like seeing people hurt and I know a lot of you guys who watch my videos may also be affected by it because some of you may also have that preferred lifestyle choices and I don't like seeing people confused and hearing everyone as monsters so I have salt explaining this will help you get a better understanding of where it is I know me probably a lot of the people will hate me for speaking like this and being dishonest but like my boyfriend says truth is just like grain it doesn't give a shit who it falls on we just need to understand each other more and you know stop trolling people but yeah I think I'll end this video here again in a heartbeat was beautiful it was amazing it was fantastic it was does gorgeous to watch to witness a huge praises to the people behind it they're so talented they're so amazing I hope they go far with this type of thing I wasn't nothing but the best oh that's right I almost forgot to mention legend of the first to cry warrior a short film from the Golden Apple universe this was an animated the short thing that was asked of me to review that I wasn't able to review a long time ago I saw this at the exact same time as in a heartbeat they're also looking for funding oh god I remember someone asked me to reviewed on my channel but well there are Ramadan and I was so busy I wasn't able to do it at all guys this show is amazing it's so good you also need to check it out any support but I think they've passed their deadline which socks I felt so bad for not being able to spread awareness for this but just talking about it now I just needed to get that off my chest I don't know the world to know that this thing is also out there and it's so good I love stories I also talk about other people's cultures and stories and myth it's just amazing you guys need to check it out and yeah this video became a downer really fast I should have scripted it till the end but anyway thinks your virus is so much for clicking to watch for understanding for being here share this video to anybody who needs to share it I probably want me to any of the videos I mentioned in this video because I am just lazy also sorry to anybody who may be offended by my terminologies I explained this in a past TVT talks where I said these words I use may be kudos to you guys but they're just normal words to us I'm sorry but I'll still use them yeah yeah I'm gonna end the video here and as always thanks is another ways thank you so much for clicking to watch please no forget reading my books on WordPad spot me on patreon and follow me on Twitter and as always don't forget to Like comment subscribe and stay forever awesome this is T be see signing out you