Atomic Blonde Restrepo Movie Review

is this John Wick three? let's find out atomic blonde is a new movie starring Charlie Theron and James McAvoy this is an action, mystery, thriller Let's talk about the action in this movie the action in this movie is on par with the John wick movies is probably implementing the gun fu that was developed for those movies the action is amazing it is very very brutal this is a rated R feature film and so there's a lot of blood but it's never gory never gratuitous and one of the things that they do with the action is they show if somebody's getting punched around and you're trying to win a fight they're gonna be tired be hard for them to keep going and so they did they do tired action scenes really good and it helps raise the stage you're like oh my gosh what's gonna happen the mystery is pretty complicated so I warn people about that off the bat it's good and bad though it's good in the sense where you don't know who's on whose side and you kind of expect that from spy movies right where it's kind of bad where it's complicated is you kind of lose track of the story if you're not paying attention and there's a bit at the end where it kind of keeps going and you think that the movie has ended and you better watch out because you might have walked out into the theater and then you find out later on like a weird man I don't even know this whole thing that was going on here why did they present it that way so the production though is very good because it's a lot of practical effects a lot of same stunt people from John Wick you kind of recognize some of them so it was really cool and there is this stairway fight scene a la the raid a la daredevil where it was just shot in one take continuously going on you're gonna see this and you're gonna you're gonna think about this fight scene for a long time kudos with Charlize Theron for putting on that show this may become a cult classic just pretty much off of that fight scene Charlie Theron as far as I know she did her own stunts so what is this one of those movies that you just have to go see? maybe not I really like this movie I love Rated R action movies but one of the problems with this movie is the story I mean it really is kind of out there James McAvoy he does a great job I love them in this movie I love Charlie Theron in this movie but you know storytelling is a big aspect when it comes to spy movies and sometimes when you bring too much into it that can be a definite negative so the action check the production check the story it could have been better but it was good I still recommend this for me it's a good movie it definitely could have been better I'm going to give it a rating of 78% that's it for my atomic blonde review tell me what you thought about it in the comments don't forget to like this video this is Ruben Restrepo signing off so keep watching