Annabelle: Creation (2017) Movie Review (the Conjuring Universe)

Here we have another Horror movie that has downloaded the cliché horror movie checklist and gone through everyone I am bored of things lurking in the corner, I am bored of doors opening by themselves, I am bored of lights flickering on and off, I’m bored of people walking into rooms without turning on the lights and I’m bored to death with loud noises as jump scares

The first act of the film is incredibly mundane with a long set up and taking too long to introduce characters The cliché horror movie checklist is all checked off in a big chunk before it heads into stupid territory Characters putting themselves in the most stupid situations just so we can have another noise jump scare or a door closing by itself I found more enjoyment at the woman behind me crapping her pants – at least it made the film slightly agreeable I decided to watch it as a comedy rather than a Horror when it came to the third act just so I didn’t head into a slumber

Seeing as this is a prequel I would have liked to have seen a story concentrate on the prequel aspect of Annabelle The origin story of Annabelle is told in 5 to 10 minutes – proving it could be told as a short story and is stretched out into a feature length film by padding it out with the cliché horror movie checklist I would have preferred to see Annabelle: Creation as an equivalent of the Marvel One Shot for the Conjuring Universe No matter how stupid the film got I was super impressed with the two young main actresses managing to keep the stupidity close to the ground; Lulu Wilson who reminded me of a young Joey King and Talitha Bateman These two actresses are ones to watch now and in the future

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