Alien Warrior (1986) – Movie Review

Hello Youtube! I am Torstein from Cinema Terror and today I will be talking about a movie that you probably have never heard of before called Alien Warrior from 1985 Alien Warrior, or King of the Streets as it is also known as some places in the world, is a strange film that is tries to be a lot of things, perhaps more than it can chew over

The movie starts out somewhere in space, where a father and son are having a chat about how the son needs to take a journey to earth to face the great evil In true Terminator form, he arrives fully nude but this guy do not need to rob the clothes off some street punks, but rather gets free stuff from a local homeless alcoholic that he quickly befriends He gets familiar with our society by strolling the dirty inner city streets and he picks up some useful information along the way, like learning martial arts by watching through the window of a karate school for a few seconds Since this is the 80's, it only takes a few minutes before he comes across a rape in progress, which he quickly puts a stop to He becomes friendly with the lady that he rescues and after she brings him to her community center or something like that, he starts to recruit local thugs and sets them on a better path in life, all while still tryina take out the great evil, which is here represented by the ruthless pimp Mr

One Alien Warrior is a bizarre movie that are hard to figure out I have no idea why the main guy is an alien at all and not just a regular human being moving into a new city or neighborhood Except the whole fish out of water idea, the fact that he is an alien only adds confusing to the story It's also a bit weird how all the good guys in the film are white, while the thugs who are savable are latinos, while the evil bad guys are all black

I don't usually care or notice that kind of stuff, but in Alien Warrior it is a bit too apparant The first part of this obscure low budget film is actually quite interesting as you are wondering what the hell you are watching and where the story will end up going It does not hold on to that interest when it gets to the middle part though as the entire rebuilding the local neighborhood part is quite cheesy By the time it gets to the final part everything seems too predictable and I felt even a bit bored at times It does not help the film that it is around 100 minutes long as this is a film that could have easily have been twenty minutes shorter

Just as its premise, the tone also goes all over the place from being dark and gritty with rape scenes and blackmail happening, then later on it is goofy and silly with one of the most laughable breakdancing slash rap scenes ever put on film Our main guy, called Buddy out of all possible names, is played by Brett Baxter Clark, who's been in countless of other b-movies The director, Ed Hunt, is also familiar to me as he has been involved in a few other b-movies that I have seen, including Bloody Birthday from 1981 and Starship Invasions from 1977 He followed up this film with the 1988 effort The Brain, which looks equally or more insane than Alien Warrior Oh, and it would have been a crime not to mention Reggie De Morton as he was pure excellence as the evil Mr

One He could easily have succceeded as a villain in a high budget action film and it shows that he took this job serious, making him steal the show and be the standout on this production Alien Warrior is a weird movie I have no idea what its true purpose was or who it was made for It is neither a full on sci-fi movie or a street crime film, but an odd mixture of everything that the filmmakers wanted to throw into the mix

The strangeness of it all did make it worth watching due to my enjoyment in seeing strange films, but it is not a good film and not something I can recommend to anyone Even if it did not make me a fan of the film, I am still happy that I saw it Alien Warrior gets the average score of 25 out of 5 Anyone else seen Alien Warrior or even heard about this flick? I'd be interested in hearing what others might think of Alien Warrior, so go nuts in the comment section below

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