5 Reasons Mother! Is the Most INSANE Movie I’ve EVER Seen! (Mother! Movie Review)**SPOILERS AHEAD**

oh my god what in the hell did I just watch you have to be kidding me this is Curtis and welcome back to malevolent elephant you know I saw the new movie mother by probably the most controversial filmmaker in Hollywood Darren Aronofsky who made Noah as well as Black Swan which is a movie I love I mean this dude is crazy and this movie is crazy what the hell mother stars Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem who is of course best known for that classic movie in 2007 No Country for Old Man hey guy watch the movie like a couple of weeks ago like for the 18th time love that movie mother is a movie that you will not leave without an opinion and you will either really love it or really hate it I'm gonna give you five reasons mother is the most insane movie I have ever seen folks and it is warning spoilers ahead at number five is the acting look all I can say is Wow Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem are the two main characters in this movie Jennifer Lawrence in particular really carries the movie and I can say that even though I'm not a big fan of her she acted her ass off she did a lot less speaking than she normally would or any leading actor or actress for that matter and really carried the film with her facial expressions and body language Bardem was also excellent you know he just has this aura about him like no matter how happy he looks he could just rip your throat out at any time without warning also fantastic in the film are Michelle Pfeiffer who was a throwback and Ed Harris one of my favorite actors these actors and actresses in this movie put on some absolutely riveting performances and I would not be shocked if there are a couple of Oscar nominations for this movie number four is awesome cinematography the camera angles and the way this movie used sound are absolutely first-class by the way if you are going out and expecting a classic horror film this is most definitely not that but it did incorporate elements that are particularly prevalent in horror moments of awkward prolonged silence especially early in the movie hiding moments of tension I mean it definitely had you feeling like you know it absolutely could be a horror film but and I don't know yet you know you're just kind of watching and waiting to see what happens it turned out to be anything but a horror film however yet the cinematography had you guessing and on the edge of your seat for the whole movie even in the slow parts early on they did a fantastic job with that number three is from one to a billion in no time do you remember how Rosemary's Baby was a slow builder and then ended dynamically this has that same feeling but on nitrous I mean absolutely unbelievable you find yourself there trying to put the puzzle together and then WHAM went from sloth to Bugatti speed in a snap look I appreciate it I mean that's what I kind of love about mother because it through so much at you at some point in the movie like you know getting close to the end that it made it almost impossible to really keep up with what's going on it's not really till after you watch the movie when you really kind of put everything together the huge explosion in pace will likely demand that you see the movie a second or third time if you don't already hate it that is number two is over-the-top graphic though as I mentioned it's not a horror film per se but it surely has a lot of crazy stuff going on as this movie is heading to the end there is tons of violence that happens very abruptly and bloody scenes with what I would categorize as excessive for sure and way over-the-top in one scene after something horrible happens to Jennifer Lawrence's baby she is beaten down to a bloody pulp like for real and the camera does not turn away folks I just have never seen a movie like this that goes from Pleasant to awkward – suspenseful – an all-out melee as abruptly as mother did number one is all the Bible stuff so here come the real spoilers I definitely want to save the best for last look different people will have different interpretations of this film but here are mine Javier Bardem plays a poet in this movie marriage to Jennifer Lawrence his character is supposed to represent God the house they live in and have spent a lot of time renovating is supposed to be Mother Earth Bardem opens up mother earth to complete strangers most of whom have no respect for mother earth ie the house and in several scenes are walking around the house and places they have no business and at other times even breaking stuff I suppose this is supposed to represent how humans destroy the earth's resources in various ways I'm not sure about that though but that's what I think ed harris and michelle pfeiffer show up and their characters actually have no names in the film but I believe they are supposed to represent Adam and Eve Bardem has this mysterious stone in his room where he writes that that is very dear to him this crystal represents the Apple which of course is the forbidden fruit in the Bible as you know of course Eve Michelle Pfeiffer is very drawn to this crystal ie the Apple and eventually winds up destroying it of course on accident which is when all hell breaks loose in the movie Harrison Pfeiffer's two sons show up to the house and have a huge fight over the way the father's Ed Harris the way his will is written after a squabble one of the brothers kills the other just as Cain did Abel in the Bible long story short bar Damon Jennifer Lawrence's life fall completely apart as it's revealed that she is pregnant all of Bardem's sycophants who read his book they all flocked out to meet him and evidently are invited to his house like where he lives in that's crazy so hundreds show up maybe thousands and all hell breaks loose as they destroy the house and destroy each other very hard to explain if you haven't seen it so just follow me here so then she has the baby which I suppose is supposed to be Jesus and the most controversial part of the movie happens the baby is literally butchered and eaten by the people that showed up to the house shortly after he is born so I guess that's supposed to parallel jesus's crucifixion in the Bible I mean look guys I need to watch this thing again to really fully digest it I mean it was a crazy experience to watch but a few of you been asking so I kind of want to give you my initial thoughts on the movie but there is so much more to it thanks for watching forgive me if my thoughts were kinda all over the place for this one but this movie has my brain going crazy let me know in the comments if you have seen it and if so what did you think if you haven't seen it even though I gave you several spoilers still go see this movie I mean it will blow your mind away and as I mentioned before you will really hate it or really love it I loved it of course don't forget to like or dislike this video as this helps me out tremendously and don't you dare leave without subscribing I'll let you boy