【Mike’s Movie Review】Annabelle-Creation/安娜貝爾-造孽 影評(無雷)

Hi, everybody I MIKE Today I share a movie experience This is a very recommendable movie The movie is "Annuobeier – commit a sin" "Annuobeier – commit a sin" is

I remember last year released (Note: remember correctly, was released in 2014!) Annabeier prequel I'm not sure But first, if you have not seen the first part of Annabeier There will be better seen Because Dier Bu more like the explanation Annuobeier is how to be created And its historical origins and background of the story When you want when you watch this movie Basically you'll learn Annabeier doll in the movie, though important But not the most important part of Basically doll

I will not talk too much You can guess in the back of the doll In fact, there is something else is controlling the Annabeier doll And that is the devil Let's talk about this movie The movie was a slow start I said 30 minutes before the start of the story to go very slow Because a bit like the character played in the first 30 minutes of presentation And the movie has a lot of character In addition to the two main protagonists Many other characters I do not know what their main role is played by Some in the film which I'm not sure they are doing it You will need some time to become familiar with these roles And then they going to understand what happened in the movie But after 30 minutes, the film began wonderful Beginning of the film a bit slow I'm not sure to movies But after the movie after 30 minutes Really very exciting Really scared you jumped up from his seat Needless to suspect I have a whole called non-stop In a whole movie I'm not so That's it Or so Because the whole movie makes you feel ill at ease I did not say this with a degree of horror movies, "Li Amityville Horror" as But really scary The movie will not be monotonous I should say not bland The film really you know Many changes There may be a few scenes do you think the story slowly Then suddenly something happened Then let your eyes stare faster fall out You will feel wow! Surprisingly whole The remaining part of the film is horror In addition to terror and those sudden scary picture and sound The story itself is actually quite complete Story is very reasonable, logical You will understand This whole possessed by demons, evil spirits, and how haunted exorcism took place I think each piece is quite association You would not think there is no association You will not find the story will go unknown You are able to grasp the story You know the story from A to B, what happened, what will happen next So I think the story itself is very complete, very good The story also explains how the devil is considered occupied this place What explains the devil wants is Also shows to what happened last So the story is very good Most of acting for me If you want to discuss two main protagonists The two main characters That is the movie that the two girls They played really well Usually you think of the film's main character is an adult actor But here, Zhuyaorenwu a 15-year-old and a 11-year-old girl It is not easy But they regard the two played their roles well When it comes to these characters I really think Selections of characters Really made me feel bored Like I say to you do But they will do I can understand that this is a movie So you have to do some different things But sometimes I feel You do not have to tell you the But you still do Then you say the ghost of my body sister! I have told you not to do this or But you still do And then do it again Then your friend followed suit one more time The first day when you just say do not do it So I do not understand why these characters are so stupid Why they are so stupid But it does not matter, because this is a movie It's just when I was watching a movie when Kept thinking, why are they doing this? Why? He already told you not to do so, but you are still done Then you say you did something wrong, you have to repent Thinking that it would everything all right This is the protagonist odd choice but This is a movie For this reason I can not evaluate the whole movie It's just when I see the film feel more interesting part And the ending I think it is reasonable outcome The outcome is not unrealistic Nor would you say is not a common sense conclusion Outcome fully explain the focus of the movie Explains how he has been Annabeier doll created The outcome is not to show off is perfect happy ending Ending just explained the whole incident and Annuobeier doll is how come So I think the movie perfectly suited to become one of the "Li Amityville Horror" series of films So with "Li Amityville Horror," "Amityville Horror Li 2" Annuobeier, Annabeier 2 So these four films can have relevance Not feel fit It will not feel inadequate Finally, to sum up The movie, I would give very eighths The advantage is, a good story line Good acting Enough terror The disadvantage is that I think the beginning of the 30 minutes a bit too slow 30 minutes before you can be a bit confusing is what happened But it just so Please see this movie I gave him eight I think one of the best-looking horror film this summer Perhaps this time the best horror movies I definitely recommend it to everyone to see So, please go and see this movie If you like my video Please subscribe Press praise this movie And share with your friends I wish you all good day every PEACE ~~!